White-Water Rafting from Antalya

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Full Description

Spend a whole day outside enjoying the secluded beauties of the Koprulu Canyon and Köprüçay River away from the crowd. The Antalya Rafting Tour mixes fun, pleasure, and activity for the whole day. This rafting trip is open to everyone, not just those looking for an outdoor experience. It is also for people who want to find and enjoy Antalya's hidden natural delights. This all-day event ensures adrenaline rushes in a calm and natural setting that you will never forget! 

Our staff will pick you up from your hotel and transport you to the excursion's meeting location. Your instructors, who will provide you with the information you need regarding your experience, will be available to meet and talk with you there. No concerns if this is your first time rafting. You may choose between two different degrees of difficulty. Therefore, regardless of your experience, everyone is welcome on this journey. It is important to note that as long as they have no health issues and can swim, anybody from 7 to 70 years old may join. 

The experience starts once you get to the breathtaking Koprulu Canyon! Depending on the number of persons in your party, you will get your canoe or boat and all the essential protective clothing, including helmets and life jackets. You will be astounded by the icy water's ferocious rush into the Köprüçay River as it is encircled by the Taurus Mountains' remarkable untamed beauty. 

Participants will have 3 opportunities to raft in this 14-kilometer-long river, with breaks in between. You may shoot breathtaking pictures, swim in the pure spring water, or just enjoy the stunning and untouched surroundings over the break. The lecturers will also give you background knowledge on the historic Roman bridge you may see. 

After then, the Antalya Rafting experience continues until you reach the finish line. A launch break will be provided there at a cozy neighborhood eatery. Cold buffet appetizers, salad, and grilled chicken or fish are all on the menu. The official images and movies shot during your river ride will be available for viewing and purchasing at the finish line as a memory of your incredible experience. The Antalya Rafting adventure concludes in the late afternoon, at which point you will be taken via transport and left at your hotel. You will be filled with happy feelings and memories of the breathtaking beauty that the Taurus Mountains and Koprulu Canyon offer by the time your Antalya Rafting trip is through. 

The Antalya Rafting Tour is definitely what you are searching for if you want a special holiday experience. You will be rafting in the white waves of the Köprüçay River, which will test your strengths. It is a wonderful chance to take in Taurus Mountain's natural beauty and the raw beauty of the Turkish countryside.

Inclusive Of

  • All Equipment
  • Lunch
  • Tour Guide
  • Full Insurance
  • Pick-up Service

Not Inclusive Of

Photos & Videos

Wet Shoes


Tour Itinerary

  1. Pick-up Service

    Our team members will pick you up from your hotel in the early morning and drive you to this adventure's meeting and departure location.

  2. Get Ready for Action & Information

    Your teachers will meet with you when you arrive at the meeting location for a meet and greet session. Before leaving for the trip, our qualified rafting instructors will provide you with all the information and specifics you need throughout the session. The introduction briefing will cover things you are permitted and not allowed to do while river rafting. They will also offer you all the appropriate safety equipment and explain it to you.

  3. Start to Action

    There is no need to panic if this is your first time rafting. No of your level of expertise, you may choose from two degrees of difficulty. You will be enthralled by the Köprüçay River's untamed rush of chilly water throughout your rafting excursion. You will have stunning views since the Taurus Mountains will be all around you simultaneously. Three distinct rafting courses, each with a break in between, will be offered on this 14 km long river. You can swim in springwater, snap pictures, and explore the old Roman bridge during the break.

  4. Lunch at the Restaurant

    Your lunch break will occur at the end of your Antalya Rafting excursion. The perfect setting for such a fantastic conclusion is a lovely neighborhood restaurant beside the river. Cold buffet appetizers, salad, and grilled chicken or fish are all on the menu.

  5. Photos & Videos

    At your destination, you can relax and watch the official photos and videos that were shot during your Antalya Rafting adventure. To ensure that your memories of your trip will not fade, you may pay extra for CDs, photos, and VHS tapes.

  6. Return to your Hotel

    Antalya Rafting concludes in the afternoon, at which point buses will take you back to your accommodation. This trip will undoubtedly provide you with priceless memories that will last a lifetime and the chance to personally experience Antalya's untamed natural beauty.

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