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Swimming with the Dolphins in Alanya

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Full Description

Have you ever thought of hugging and kissing a dolphin? In Alanya, you can truly make it happen while on vacation. This activity aims to provide you with the finest swimming experience with dolphins. You will visit a cutting-edge facility throughout the day and interact with these beautiful and very clever marine animals. Have fun with your loved ones, discover fascinating dolphin facts, go dolphin swimming, and make lasting memories.

This half-day tour is available twice daily and starts with a pickup from your Alanya lodging. The cost includes transfers for your convenience. The distance is minimal since Alanya's dolphin park is just 20 km from the center. Prepare yourself for an amazing time when you get there.

The dolphin park is especially well-known for its large size and cutting-edge facilities. There is a wonderful display where you can see various aquatic animals and learn funny and interesting facts about marine life. This half-day tour starts with a dolphin performance where you can witness the dolphins hone their talents in a purpose-built pool. The dolphins will do various workouts, leap, play with loops and balls, and more.

The most interesting part of the day happens when the concert is over. Professional dolphin trainers will give you a thorough briefing before entering the pool and explain how to behave there. They will also provide you with additional advice to make your trip simpler and more enjoyable, such as how to approach dolphins.

Your time in the water with the dolphins will typically last 30 minutes. You may give them love and kisses and play with them at this time. For individuals of all ages, swimming with dolphins is a fantastic sport. It has been shown that dolphins encourage youngsters to have good feelings. Kids may engage in this activity without risk since it is professionally supervised.

You do not need to worry about snapping pictures while in the pool. All of the priceless moments will be documented by a professional photographer. After the swimming session, you may see and pay extra for these pictures. Swimming is followed by a relaxing ride back to your hotel in a comfy car, where you may reflect on your fantastic time.

Make the most of your time in Alanya by crossing an exceptional experience off your bucket list—swimming with dolphins. This specific exercise ensures amusing moments, a lot of laughing, and an upbeat mood without flowing. Visit the dolphin park with your friends or family, take advantage of the opportunity to discover some fascinating facts about dolphins, and of course, get a chance to feel what it is like to swim with dolphins.

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    A completely air-conditioned and comfortable car will pick you up from your hotel in Alanya and take you to the dolphin park, depending on your appointment. The facility is just 20 km from the city center, which is a short trip.

  2. Dolphin Park

    As you enter, you will be struck by how big it is and how welcoming it seems. More specifically, the park is home to seals, sea lions, and dolphins, among other aquatic animals. All species are in specifically constructed pools and get excellent care from qualified personnel.

  3. Dolphin Show 1-Hour

    The dolphin park conducts various activities, including a dolphin show. The performance takes place in a dedicated pool, where the dolphins can engage in various maneuvers that highlight their prowess and versatility. In actuality, dolphins are adorable and very clever. Throughout this program, you will learn a lot about their behavior and their capacity for playing and exercising with people.

  4. Swimming Session

    By the program's conclusion, a group of qualified trainers will go over all the details of the swimming session. They will carefully provide instructions on how to interact with the dolphins and get the most out of this experience. Additionally, the instructors will provide you with the required safety gear. You can engage with and swim with the dolphins after you are in the pool. They are yours to cuddle, kiss, and play with. Expect a remarkable fusion of happy feelings and zeal during this period.

  5. Photos & Videos

    To ensure that you have the greatest experience possible while swimming, a professional photographer will be on hand to document all the exciting moments. After the 30-minute swimming session, you may see and buy these pictures for an additional fee.

  6. Return Service

    After this trip, a contemporary, comfortable vehicle will be ready to transport you back to your hotel in Alanya. You will be happy and filled with wonderful memories by then.

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