Suluada Island Boat Trip from Antalya

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Full Description

In Antalya, you may choose from a wide variety of boat cruises, among the greatest ways to spend a day away from the crowd. The Suluada Island Boat Trip From Antalya allows you to see two well-known locations and appreciate the beauty of the untainted environment. Visit the Love Cave, have some fun, and make memories that will last a lifetime by experiencing what it would be like to swim in an exotic bay. 

The tour starts with a pick-up shuttle service from your Antalya lodging to the Adrasan port. Every transport is performed in a contemporary, completely air-conditioned car for your pleasure and convenience. It will take around one hour and thirty minutes to go on the roughly 90-kilometer journey. You will cruise in a double-deck boat on this unusual boat experience. 

Its cutting-edge amenities, attentive staff, and contemporary design provide a exceptional experience. Prepare yourself for a thrilling but pleasant sailing trip into the Mediterranean's beautiful waves as the boat departs the harbor. You'll eventually learn that the environment is entirely untouched and protected. This is so that the government can safeguard the bays as a destination for Caretta turtles. 

The day's first destination is Suluada Island. The island is a well-liked place to go swimming since many people describe it as an exotic bay akin to the Maldives. Despite its relatively tiny size, Suluada Island has a very distinctive environment. The island's turquoise seas and white beach surroundings will take your puff away. While there, get in the water and go swimming for some rejuvenating time. 

The boat will then keep sailing in the direction of the next stop. You will have the possibility to have a great meal that is freshly prepared onboard during this time. Get reenergized, unwind in the sunshine, and prepare for your next swimming stop. 

On this boat ride, you may visit Akseki Bay, commonly known as Love Island. The Love Grotto, a little cave on this bay, is what gives it its notoriety. The water within the cave is usually cool, making it the ideal place to go swimming to cool down. The local folklore holds that the water in the cave came from a girl's tears when she was compelled to leave her lover and join a harem. 

The boat will be back to the harbor after your last swimming break. When you get there, a contemporary car will take you back to your lodging in Antalya. You'll arrive at your hotel in the afternoon, full of memories and a feeling of pleasant exhaustion. Visit some of the area's most remote and undeveloped bays on a full-day tour that is both tremendously entertaining and restful. The Suluada Island Boat Trip From Antalya aims to enhance your holiday experiences by transporting you to two of the most recognizable and well-known bays. Enjoy the sun, swim in the pristine seas, relax on the roomy boat, and make some new memories with your loved ones.

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  • Pickup and Drop-off Service
  • BBQ Lunch
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  • Guide

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup from Location

    A comfortable car will pick you up from your lodging at a prearranged time in the morning. You will be transported securely by members of our staff in the direction of the port where the boat voyage begins.

  2. Arrive to the Boat

    You will travel aboard a roomy, cozy, and contemporary double-deck boat around the Mediterranean. This boat, which is fully furnished with everything you would need for the day, is perfect for a special outing.

  3. Visit Hidden Bays

    Prepare to be in awe of nature's breathtaking grandeur as the boat departs the harbor. Your perfect sensation of tranquility and relaxation will be provided by the Mediterranean Sea's many tones of blue. You could see some pristine and remote bays while out on the water. These areas are protected for the caretakers' turtles and provide beautiful picture backgrounds.

  4. Visit Suluada Island

    The visit to Suluada Island is the excursion's primary attraction. Both residents and tourists love visiting this little island. This is due to its pristine beaches and turquoise seas. You will be impressed right away by this very unusual environment. You may swim in the waves, take pictures, and relax in the sun while you're there.

  5. Lunch on the Boat

    After your swimming break at Suluada Island, the boat will go to the next destination. You will also indulge in a delicious meal aboard the boat during this time. Your energy levels will increase thanks to the fresh ingredients used in regional cuisines.

  6. Visit Love Cave

    The visit to Akseki Bay is another fantastic highlight of our boat excursion. The Love Cave, located at this location, makes it renowned. According to local lore, the cave was said to have been filled with the tears of a girl who had to leave her lover. Although the water within the cave is quite chilly, it is nevertheless perfect for a cooling dip.

  7. Drop-off to Location

    The final stop on this boat tour is Love Cave. You will begin sailing back to the harbor after spending some time there. The afternoon will then see you being driven back to your hotel. The Suluada Island Boat Trip will provide you with fresh feelings and impressions..

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Customer Reviews


4 reviews

Value for money
Amazing Captain and Trip

Anthony Grillab

Ireland , Dublin

I used to believe that Antalya had nothing but the open sea, devoid of any coves or bays. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is not just one, but several beautiful bays and even an island! During our trip, we had the privilege to swim in three stunning bays for about an hour each. I am particularly grateful to our captain for taking us to the second bay, where we had an absolutely amazing time. It's worth noting that paying a little extra for the right experience can make all the difference. Overall, I want to express my deep appreciation to the team for providing us with an unforgettable journey.

Very good!

Emily Grand

United Kingdom

I recently had the pleasure of booking a boat trip online and it was a seamless process. Upon the recommendation of a guide, my friends and I decided to try out this particular trip. The boat was both spacious and comfortable, and took us to a gorgeous little island that had a serene atmosphere. I was especially taken with the turquoise waters and loved taking a dip in them. All in all, the whole trip was simply amazing! I highly recommend this boat tour and the company that runs it. Our experience was top-notch and we are extremely satisfied.

Greate Value and Trip

Sandra Mccarthy

United Kingdom , Newcastle

Our experience booking this tour online was outstanding. It was evident that the tour company knew precisely what they were doing! The boat took us to some truly beautiful locations, with Suluada being the primary highlight, and for good reason. The island is small but utterly charming, giving off a distinct exotic vibe. We also stopped at another stunning location to swim, where the guide shared with us a fascinating local story. Having a guide with us added to the experience significantly. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed the boat trip and had a fantastic day.

Thanks to the Captain

Hanna Skolve

Norway , Oslo

The water's color was simply unreal! The island was like a paradise on earth, and even though I took many pictures, they still couldn't quite capture its beauty in full. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend a trip to Sualuada - you won't regret it! Our group had an absolute blast on the boat, and I must say that the crew was both polite and highly experienced. The only potential downside is that the place can get crowded at times, with multiple boats around. However, given how stunning the area is, it's completely understandable why it draws such a crowd.

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