Side Turkish Bath ( Hamam )

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Full Description

Turkish Bath is the best choice that combines both if you want to immerse yourself in the real Turkish culture without going about tourism. You are invited to reenergize your body and mind in the Ottoman manner at Side Turkish Bath. With a sauna session, a body scrub, and a foam massage, your body and senses will be revitalized. After receiving a soothing oil massage and facial treatment, you will feel calm and prepared to continue your holiday in Side Turkey. 

Turkish Side Bath begins when our staff members bring you up from your hotel. They will take you to the traditional Turkish-style hammam in comfy automobiles. There, you will meet the qualified team prepared to help you at every stage of your journey and provide you with VIP treatment. The staff will give you a personal locker to put your items in. You will also get a set of slippers and a coat to wear. 

You will first enter the sauna, as your skin has to be adequately prepped for the remainder of your experience. When your skin's pores are open, your skin is prepared to benefit fully from the procedure. This room's decor has a large stone platform in the center and washbasins with metal bowls. You may unwind on the center platform while taking in the hot interior. 

A 30-minute massage with your masseuse will follow. To eliminate all the extra cells and renew your skin, the masseuse will scrub your whole body before washing you off with foam massage. We highly advise visiting the Turkish Side Bath at the start of your holiday. This is because cleaning your body will help eliminate dead skin cells and prepare your skin for a long-lasting tan. After this session, you can relax in the space for a bit while sipping on some traditional Turkish tea. 

The oil-relaxing massage comes next if you are calm and relaxed enough. The massage will be performed for around 20 minutes, focusing on sore muscles and bones. It is time for the face mask and massage after the body has completely relaxed. Your body and spirit will feel refreshed due to the Side Turkish bath experience, which focuses on relaxation and stress relief. After your Turkish bath session is over, a car will be there to take you back to your hotel. 

Enjoy the ultimate Side Turkish Bath experience to combine relaxation and culture. You may unwind and release your thoughts on this trip since it has everything you need. Turkish Bath has a long history and has always been seen as a crucial procedure that refreshes both the body and the mind. Avoid the crowd and spend the day in a traditional Turkish bath for relaxation and enjoyment.

Inclusive Of

  • Sauna
  • Steam Bath and Mud Bath
  • Salt Room
  • Peeling and Foam Massage
  • Oil Massage ( 20 minutes )
  • Hotel Transfer
  • Full Insurance

Not Inclusive Of


Fish Spa

Extra Massage

Face Mask

Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    A member of our crew will pick you up from your hotel at the appointed hour. You will be taken in a comfortable car to the classic Turkish Bath in Side, where your peaceful tour starts.

  2. Start your Turkish Bath Experience

    Upon entering the Turkish Bath, you will be greeted by knowledgeable personnel. To make sure you enjoy your stay and get VIP service, they are ready to put you at comfortable. Your stuff will be kept safely in a locker provided for you. You will also get a set of slippers and a waistcloth to wear. It is crucial to note that you must pack your swimwear on this outing since you will be wearing it the whole time.

  3. First Sauna

    As your skin has to be adequately prepped for the remainder of your experience, you will first spend some time in the sauna. In order to allow the skin to "breathe" and regenerate, the pores must be open. The hammam's interior has large stone platforms in the center of the space and washbasins with metal bowls.

  4. Hamam Experience

    The next step is a session with your masseuse that lasts around 30 minutes. The message will continue by scrubbing your whole body to eliminate dead skin cells.

  5. Foam Massage

    A foam massage is performed after full-body scabbing to wash off your body and make you feel comfortable. You will then have time to unwind and sip a cup of tea.

  6. Oil Massage

    The next 20 minutes will be spent giving an oil massage that concentrates on sore muscles and bones. Your body will be completely refreshed and relaxed at that point.

  7. Face Mask ( Extra Service )

    The next step is applying a face mask since your facial skin also needs the proper treatment from specialists. Your skin will get the necessary moisture and smoothness with this facial treatment.

  8. Return Service

    Side By the time you get to your hotel, the trip to the Turkish Bath is over. You will feel great, stress-free, and completely relaxed by that time.

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