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Side Scuba Diving Tour with Underwater Museum

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Full Description

During your holidays in Side, try scuba diving to fully immerse yourself in the mysteries of the underwater world. Dive into the Mediterranean Sea's pristine waters to explore it. The Side Diving Tour is the perfect activity for anybody looking for unique tourist attractions. 

The Side Scuba Diving Tour begins when you are taken up from your hotel. You will be driven to the boat's position in a spacious, fully air-conditioned car. A thorough brief will be given before your Dive. Professional scuba diving instructors will advise you on crucial technical and safety knowledge. The instructors will show the appropriate usage of all the equipment and the operation of underwater communication. Everything you need to know about your scuba diving experience is covered in this beginning course. 

An adventure involving scuba diving involves a boat ride and two dives that may be completed by both novice and expert divers. The dives you will take may last no more than 40 minutes apiece for safety reasons. Since this is your first Dive, there is no need to be concerned about the difficulty level. Your dives will take place at the skipper-selected two beautiful locations for the tour day. Side's waters are consistently warm and offer excellent clarity. 

As you dive, you will be in awe of the marine life's splendor. Prepare to explore the fascinating undersea environment that has been kept from you. Your dives will be spectacular thanks to reefs, wrecks, and diverse species. A filling and light lunch will be served on board after your beautiful underwater excursion and between the two dives. Salads, noodles, and sautéed chicken are served for lunch. 

You must be older than 12 years old to do the Side Scuba Diving Tour. The diving sport demands self-assurance. If you are not prepared to dive but still want to go on our trip, feel free to come along. Our boat has a fantastic sun deck where you can unwind and relax. You are welcome to swim or utilize our free snorkeling gear. 

The afternoon brings an end to the Side Diving Tour. You will then be driven from the port to your accommodation by car. You will be able to comprehend the distinctive marine environment and enjoy the beauty of the underwater activities. Turkish waters have to offer after the day. After doing this incredible Side Scuba Diving Tour, your trips to Side will never be the same. Visit Europe's largest underwater museum by diving twice in the Mediterranean Sea's beautiful waters. A side-scuba diving tour is a wonderful choice for excitement, enjoyment, and research.

Inclusive Of

  • Hotel Transfer
  • All Equipments
  • Test Dive
  • 2 Dives ( 40 Minutes each )
  • Lunch
  • Full Insurance
  • Instructor ( English and German )

Not Inclusive Of

Personal Expenses

Photos & Videos


Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    In the morning, a driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the port, where the boat will depart. Before boarding the boat, you will meet your scuba diving instructors at the harbor.

  2. Test Dive & Instructions

    Before your Dive, one of our qualified and experienced instructors will give you a thorough briefing. This summary contains all the crucial technical and safety information you need to dive into. Scuba diving instructors will show you how to utilize all the essential equipment. You will also have the opportunity to test your ability to breathe using expert oxygen tubes. The experts will also display sign language for underwater communication. During the briefing, you are invited to ask any questions you want.

  3. Scuba Diving Begins

    Two 20-minute dives are included in the Side Diving Tour. Your journey starts as the boat travels to the first diving location. In the morning, expert instructors will choose random dive locations within the larger Side region. Given that Side is home to the largest underwater museum in Europe and has clean seas that allow for optimum visibility, the location is perfect for scuba diving. Lunch: After your first Dive, you will have a lunch break on board. You may savor a wonderful and light cuisine with spaghetti, salad, and sautéed chicken. Spend some time unwinding and recharging on our luxurious yacht. Another plunge follows, this one full of zest and intensity.

  4. Second Dive

    After that, the boat will go to your second dive location. Again, you must adhere to the guidelines provided by licensed scuba diving instructors. The second Dive is conducted at a different location where you may see reefs, wrecks, and a wide variety of species. The beauty of the underwater world and the emotions that diving may evoke will astound you.

  5. Return Service

    Arriving at the harbor marks the end of the Side Diving Tour. Our diving staff will capture official pictures and films during your dives. Once you get to the harbor, you may see them and pay extra to buy them. These images and recordings will make wonderful souvenirs from this remarkable vacation. You will be transported back to your hotel while experiencing strong feelings and memories.

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