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Side Sapadere Canyon Tour

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Full Description

While you are in Side, do you want to learn more? Would you want to get a peek at paradise on earth? The Side Sapadere Canyon Tour, is the best option if the answer is yes. You will get the opportunity to get away from the city on this wonderful trip for a tranquil full-day trip to the Sapadere canyon from Side. Its unique ethereal beauty will attract you, and you will not soon forget it. You will not forget the experience of seeing this natural wonder's magnificent sights. 

You will be greeted with an amazing and reviving environment when you get off the bus. You and your loved ones may explore this beautiful getaway tucked away in the Taurus Mountains. The birds' reviving songs blend with the peaceful rhythm of the stream as the topaz-blue, crystal-clear water pours down the canyon. The best spot to unwind is right here in this magnificent setting. When you get to the canyon, you will feel as liberated as a bird and have the chance to explore it by taking the 750 m-long wooden trail. 

Sapadere Canyon's stunning beauty will positively alter your view of the world and everything in it. There is more than enough good weather and gorgeous landscape to enjoy yourself and create lasting memories. An astounding natural lake and the magnificent Sapadere Waterfall may be found at the canyon's end. It is the most stunning waterfall in the area. Enjoy this waterfall's freshness while being one with nature. 

Do not pass up the opportunity to take pictures since you will want to remember this event forever. If you dare to plunge into the chilly water of the natural pool behind the falls, you are welcome to swim there. Dwarves Cave is another place you need to see before leaving Sapadere Canyon. Also worth all of your cameras are the stalagmites and stalactites that developed in this Cave. The incredible natural patterns in this Cave will wow you. 

Your chance to see many different natural wonders will be a special experience provided by the Sapadere Canyon Tour. What you saw throughout the day will remain in your memory for the rest of your life. Do not pass up this incredible opportunity to escape city life and reconnect with nature. 

Our buses will be waiting for you in front of your hotels in the morning on the day of the Side Sapadere Canyon Tour to pick you up and travel to Sapadere Canyon.

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  • Lunch
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Not Inclusive Of

Dwarf Caves ( 15 Lira )


Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    A natural marvel, Sapadere Canyon is situated on the outskirts of Alanya, Antalya. It is in the region's northeast. The 360 m long and roughly 400 m high Sapadere Canyon. The distance to Sapadere Village is a little over 3 kilometers. This amazing aspect of nature will leave you speechless. You will never forget being at one with nature under the blazing summer sun and in the emerald-green tree leaves. While strolling through this natural ecosystem, you will be astounded by the swiftly rushing water over granite stairs, unusual flora, and many types of animals and birds.

  2. Lunch in the Forest

    Sapadere Canyon's abundance of oxygen will undoubtedly leave you hungry. You will now have the opportunity to sample a range of delectable meals created by locals. In the restaurant situated by the river that runs through the canyon, you will have the chance to sample organic, regional meals prepared like a hamlet and made entirely of natural ingredients.

  3. Sapadere Village & Nature

    The observation deck at the entrance to this fascinating Cave awaits you with a breathtaking view of the valley. While appreciating the natural magnificence of this Cave, you will experience the calm at its height. You will be mesmerized by the interior's beautiful color explosion and the magnificence of the stalactites and stalagmites. You should not miss the opportunity to see this natural beauty.

  4. Free Time in Alanya

    You will have an hour of free time in Alanya before heading back to Side. You can explore the city and maybe shop for gifts for your loved ones during this portion of the trip. Small yet adorable cafeterias seaside provide coffee and other drinks if shopping is not your thing.

  5. Return Service

    After the Alanya break, we will return to your accommodation. Our drivers and guides will make every effort to ensure that you have a secure trip. Side As we get to Side, the Sapadere Canyon Tour is done.

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