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Pamukkale may be the 8th wonder of the world if there is such a thing. The "Cotton Castle," created by nature over thousands of years from limestone left behind by many underground hot springs, is perched on top of the amazingly well-preserved remains of the Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis. You enter a paradise on the Side Pamukkale Tour.

The Side Pamukkale Tour fully studies Ancient Greek history that real travelers should not pass up. Early in the morning, a shuttle will pick you up from your hotel and transport you to a station, where you will board a bus to travel through the stunning Turkish country. You will have a knowledgeable tour guide who will inform and amuse you as you travel to and from Pamukkale and other interesting places, including a break for lunch in a nearby hamlet.

You will have three full hours to take advantage of two wonderful attractions after arriving at Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ancient Hierapolis with its well-known therapeutic hot springs. Investigate the excavations and restorations of Hierapolis or its archaeological museum in detail to travel through time. The city was established in the second century BC as a resort area with geothermal baths on the hillside for health and pleasure. Your expert tour guide will transport you back in time by sharing information and tales about the early history of living in and around the Menderes River Valley that will capture your imagination.

Bring swimming suits with you since you want to relax in the soothing, warm waters of the unique Antique Pool. Marc Antony claims to have planned and constructed this rock pool for his wife, Cleopatra. Hierapolis was at its height, with Doric columns around it and bright, beautiful roofs. Walking barefoot through the tiled grounds will allow you to see the sparkling, steaming, travertine-hot pools. The sights, sounds, and warm air in an amazing manner will swamp your senses.

From here, you will next be taken to Karahayt, a nearby hamlet famous for its scalding thermal springs. Once you are completely at ease and full of new experiences, we will take you to a sizable local wine cellar where you can sample some of the most beautifully rich wines made in the area before heading to a fantastic Turkish restaurant for a leisurely dinner buffet. Your meal comes with a huge Mediterranean salad bar and options for entrees, rice, soups, bread, and desserts.

After dinner, your bus will leave for the return journey, and you will arrive back at your hotel between 21:00 to 22:00.


  • Uncover the breathtaking "Cotton Castle" at Pamukkale a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Immerse yourself in ancient Hierapolis and its therapeutic hot springs.
  • Experience Cleopatra's Antique Pool a unique geothermal marvel.
  • Savor rich local wines and a delicious Mediterranean buffet in a fantastic Turkish restaurant.

Inclusive Of

  • Pickup and Drop Back Service
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Entrance Fee's to Pamukkale
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • A/C Bus
  • Full Insurance

Not Inclusive Of

Personal Expenses


Cleopatra Pool Entrance

Tour Itinerary

  1. Pick-up Service from Hotel

    Your Pamukkale adventure starts in the morning with a cozy bus picking you up from your Side accommodation at the pre-arranged time.

  2. Profesional Guiding Service

    Throughout the journey, travel in a fully air-conditioned bus ensuring a relaxed and comfortable experience. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable and engaging tour guide who will share captivating information, answer your questions, and make sure everything runs smoothly during the excursion.

  3. Scenic Journey to Pamukkale

    As the bus travels towards Pamukkale, soak in the spectacular views of the renowned Taurus Mountains and the tranquil, picturesque forests that surround them. To break up the journey and provide an even more enjoyable trip, the bus will make a few short stops, including a breakfast break at Korkuteli and another stop at Denizli, the city closest to Pamukkale.

  4. Visit Pamukkale Travertines

    Upon reaching Pamukkale, prepare to be awestruck by the area's most famous site, the Cotton Castle. This incredible natural wonder is a limestone mountain with a series of naturally formed, cascading terraces filled with thermal water. The breathtaking setting is sure to leave a lasting impression as you explore this unique geological formation.

  5. Pamukkale Thermal Springs Water

    In addition to the Cotton Castle, thermal springs play a significant role in the allure of Pamukkale. The waters are renowned for their therapeutic properties, drawing visitors from all over the world who seek to experience the rejuvenating benefits of swimming in a thermal pool. If you're interested, you can opt to visit Cleopatra's Pool, a famous thermal spring, for an additional cost.

  6. Visit Hierapolis Ancient City

    Another must-see attraction in Pamukkale is the ancient city of Hierapolis. Established as a prominent healing and spiritual center in antiquity, Hierapolis is renowned for its impressive ruins and rich history. Your tour guide will provide intriguing details about the city's past and its significance in the region.

  7. Visit Local Workshop

    To ensure a comprehensive understanding of Pamukkale and its surrounding area, your itinerary includes visits to two local workshops. You will have the opportunity to explore a winery, where you can learn about the region's wine production, and a carpet production center, offering insight into the traditional craftsmanship of the area.

  8. Return Service

    Your full-day excursion to Pamukkale will come to a close in the evening. After dinner, the bus will transport you back to Side and drop you off at your hotel, where you can reflect on the remarkable experiences and memories made throughout the day.

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