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Side Jeep Safari Adventure

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Full Description

Besides the beautiful beach and the sun, Side is well known for many other things. Of course, the amazing natural setting among the Taurus Mountains is one of them. With our Side Jeep Safari Tour, you may explore Side's rural areas while taking in the beautiful landscape that the Mountains provide. Visit historical sites, have a river dip, and enjoy the welcoming culture of little Turkish communities. The Side Jeep Safari is a full-day trip jam-packed with thrill, travel, and adventure. 

A nice jeep takes you from your hotel in the morning to begin your Side Jeep Safari Tour. The off-road path will take you to the Taurus Mountains, full of scenic beauty. The path is excellent for anyone who likes nature in general. You will go through important historical sites, including the 1800-year-old Naras Bridge and some Roman-era ruin sites. 

Make sure to pack your camera since you will have the opportunity to take pictures of these attractions. The journey continues after a brief stop in a tiny town. You can relax with refreshments during your 30-minute break in a tea garden and sample the "gözleme," or classic Turkish pancakes. The Oymapnar Dam and the lake are visible from the top of Seyran, where the tour's next stop will be. 

You will start your jeep safari adventure after taking beautiful lake pictures. The next step is a lunch break at a nearby restaurant by the river. The length of the lunch break is around one hour and thirty minutes. Rice, salad, and meatballs or chicken are all included in the meal. For those who choose, there is a vegetarian menu available. You have time to do as you choose after lunch; you may swim in the river or just unwind. The Zoo and the Manavgat Waterfall will be the next stops on your off-road adventure. Both sites have an entry fee, but it is well worth it because of the beautiful scenery. The adventure keeps on as your vehicle comes to a tiny village. This last trip is a great chance to learn about and get a feel for rural life while learning more about the culture. The vehicle will then go on its return trip after that. By the time you get to your hotel, the Side Jeep Safari tour is over. This off-road Jeep trip was full of wonderful memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. 

Join a special trip that includes all you need! The Side Jeep Safari expedition provides you with opportunities for exploration and adventure. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Taurus Mountains, the Turkish countryside, a waterfall visit, and a river swim. With this all-day trip, take the off-road route, enjoy driving on muddy, dusty mountain roads, and have a true adventure.

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  • Pickup Service
  • Guide
  • Insurance
  • Lunch

Not Inclusive Of

Manavgat Waterfall Entrance Fee

Mini Zoo Entrance Fee


Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    Side The Jeep Safari Tour begins in the early morning when a Jeep picks you up from your accommodation and takes you in the direction of the Taurus Mountains.

  2. Off-Road Begins

    The off-road route promises to increase your heart rate since you will be traveling on muddy, sandy roads. You can see the scenery and the diverse vegetation that the Taurus Mountains present throughout the journey. You will also travel through Roman-era ruin sites and the 1800-year-old Naras Bridge.

  3. Short Break in the Forest

    A little break is taken in a tea garden. You may have some beverages there to relax with and sample the "gözleme," or typical Turkish pancakes.

  4. Panorama Break

    Next, the 30-minute rest in the tea garden, the off-road adventure moves on to the following location. You may take in breathtaking panoramic views of the Oymapnar Dam and the lake from the hill of Seyran.

  5. Lunch Time

    A one-hour and 30-minute break is then taken at a nearby restaurant by the river. Rice, salad, and meatballs or chicken are all included in the meal. For those who choose, there is a vegetarian menu available. If you want like, you may go swimming in the river after dinner.

  6. Visit Mini Zoo

    After lunch, there will be a visit to the zoo. The facility charges an additional fee for admission. The diversity of creatures you will see will astound you, and the staff will provide important facts about the many species that call the zoo home.

  7. Manavgat Waterfall

    The well-known Manavgat Waterfall is a separate location, and admission is required. The waterfall, whose waters fall into a lovely green lake, is a natural treasure for the region. The area around the waterfall is beautiful. Be sure to capture the area in some beautiful shots.

  8. Visit Turkish Village

    The Side Jeep Safari will stop at a small village for its last stop. Visit the local mosque to learn more about the culture and way of life and get to know Turkish hospitality.

  9. Return Service

    The side Jeep Safari tour is over when you get to your hotel. This trip will certainly stand out since you will return to your hotel buzzing with feelings and experiences.

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