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Side Green Canyon Boat Trip

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Full Description

The Side Green Canyon Boat Trip is a great decision if you enjoy the outdoors and want to escape the crowds while enjoying Side. As you float around Green Lake's turquoise waters on this tour, your mind will be freed. With this different experience, you may unwind and enjoy your time while surrounded by nature's distinct beauty. 

The Side Green Canyon Boat Trip begins when you are picked up from your hotel by one of our luxurious and modern cars. The driver will take you to the first stop of our expedition. There will be a brief rest at the Oymapnar dam lake. You may get the opportunity to see the surrounding natural beauty there. There are many distinctive natural beauty sites in the Side-Manavgat region. The specific place is undoubtedly one of them. It is significant to note that Oymapnar Dam is Turkey's fifth-largest dam. In reality, it can provide the region's demands for water and energy. 

You may also see a 2000-year-old Roman-era bridge, which is still used today. Make sure to take fantastic shots of this location since it has stunning scenery. The boat ride experience then begins. You will be astounded by the grandeur of the surroundings throughout your 14-kilometer boat ride, which is arranged. Every place and every view will provide the perfect backdrop for an amazing photograph. Before stopping for a quick swim break, the boat ride will last two hours. Swim in the lake's green waters and take in the scenery to refresh yourself and your senses. 

The boat makes its way to its next location, where it will halt for lunch. There will be grilled chicken, meatballs or fish, spaghetti, salad, and fruit on the menu at a lakeside restaurant. You may take in some breathtaking lake views from the restaurant. Additionally, you may spend your time engaging in lake activities after lunch. The restaurant sells canoe and fishing gear. Alternatively, you might just sit back and take in the lake's natural surroundings. The boat will return to the dock, where the journey began after the lengthy rest. The cars will be waiting for you when you get to the dock. The Side Green Canyon Boat Trip is over when you get to your accommodation. 

A boat tour through the Green Canyon will relieve your thoughts and allow you to unwind. This unusual experience provides peaceful boat riding and beautiful views of the Green Canyon. You may anticipate a mix of exciting views and serene surroundings. With the special opportunity that Side Green Canyon Boat Trip provides, you may swim in emerald waters and refresh your senses.

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  • Lunch
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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    When cozy, modern cars take you from your hotel in the morning, your adventure of the Green Canyon officially begins. One of our staff members will drive you to the starting point of this journey. There will be a brief rest at the Oymapinar dam lake.

  2. Oymapinar Lake

    The fact that Side-Manavgat is regarded as the best place for stunning landscapes and natural marvels is not a coincidence. The Oymapinar Dam, the fifth-largest in Turkey, serves the area's requirements for both water and energy. In addition to the stunning views, you can observe an old bridge in that area. The bridge was built during the Roman era and is 2000 years old.

  3. Green Canyon Boat Trip

    The true journey begins after you capture some beautiful images. For a 14 km trip, you will be traveling through the Green Canyon. Enjoy the boat ride and the breathtaking Green Canyon views. This portion of the trip is ideal for people who want to unwind and those who want to take photographs of the breathtaking scenery. A quick swim break follows two hours of lake riding. Your time swimming in the lake's turquoise waters will be memorable since the beauty of nature will surround you.

  4. Lunch Time

    After swimming, you will continue the boat ride to your next destination, feeling revitalized and renewed. We will have a long lunch break at a lakeside restaurant. Pasta, a salad, fruit, and grilled fish, chicken, or meatballs are on the menu.

  5. Activities in Green Canyon

    Following the delicious lunch, you may spend your free time in any way you choose. You may swim in the lake and take in the scenery if you want to unwind. However, you may utilize the restaurant's lake activity equipment if you are looking for a more risky activity. The restaurant offers canoes and fishing equipment.

  6. Return Service

    When your break is up, the boat will resume going on its course back to the port from where you began your trip. Our luxurious cars will pick you up when you arrive at the port. This interesting tour is over when you get to your hotel. The greatest option to spend the day away from the crowds and in beautiful natural surroundings is with a Side Green Canyon Boat Trip.

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