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Side Dolphin Islands Boat Trip

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Full Description

Suppose you are happy enough to view dolphins while on vacation in Side, Turkey, and take part in an exciting and interesting boat ride. The Side Dolphin Island Boat Trip encourages you to unwind in the sunshine, visit beautiful beaches, and make the most of your day. Real enjoyment is guaranteed on the boat journey thanks to the foam party and other entertaining activities. 

Everyone should take the Side Dolphin Island Boat Trip because it combines enjoyment, excitement, relaxation, and many beautiful natural features. Our cars will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and take you to Kumköy beach. The boat leaves from this area, located 7 kilometers from Side. As soon as the boat journey begins, our knowledgeable and experienced guide will provide you with important information on the locations you will be seeing. 

On the boat ride, you will take in some of Side's sights. You will move toward the Manavgat River, the historic Side port, and the Apollo Temple. The next stop is a quick swim near the river's mouth. You may swim in the sea or along the river, which is intriguing. As the warm waves of the Mediterranean Sea mix with the warm river waters, the area has a special attractiveness. 

Lunch will be provided onboard by the end of the break. Rice, salad, toast, and grilled fish or chicken are all on the menu. After that, the boat will go toward Dolphin Island, where you may take in this location's stunning natural surroundings. You will also have the chance to swim in crystal-clear waters and appreciate this location's beauty firsthand. The boat resumes its journey home after the Dolphin Island swimming break. 

Your trip's return will also be something you remember well. In the boat, there will be a foam party and exciting music. Professional dancers will also put on an incredible dance show. You may also bask in the sun on the boat's deck if you want quieter. Once the boat arrives at Kumköy dock, the adventure ends. Our cars will then transport you back to your hotel. You will have a lot of wonderful memories by the time the Side Dolphin Island Boat Trip is through. If you are fortunate, you could come home from your thrilling trip with amazing dolphin photos! 

Take part in the Side Dolphin Island Boat Trip to liven up your day and encounter something new. Enjoy a boat ride with a pirate ship and swim in several beautiful locations. Since you could see dolphins on your trip, it might make for a wonderful memory. On this trip, you may anticipate a foam party, dancing performances, swimming, and sunbathing.

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  • Pickup Service from Hotel
  • Lunch
  • Full Insurance
  • Guide ( English German and Russian )

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Personal Expenses


Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    The Side Dolphin Island Boat Trip begins in the morning with a pickup from your hotel by one of our comfy cars. You will arrive at the boat's departure location at Kumköy beach after a 7-kilometer journey. You will have three separate swim stops on your boat journey.

  2. Pirates Boat

    You will take this trip aboard an incredible boat with a distinctive pirate theme. The boat has ample room for you to enjoy every second of your trip. It contains three levels, restrooms, showers, and a separate cabin for caring for babies. Additionally, there are sun loungers on the top deck and shaded dining areas. A bar is also on the boat.

  3. Sightseeing from Sea

    You will pass through the Manavgat River, the historic Side port, and the Temple of Apollo as you go by boat. There will be a brief swimming stop at the river's mouth. Being able to swim in the sea or along the riverside makes this location one of exceptional natural beauty.

  4. Lunch on the Boat

    After the swimming break, a wonderful and freshly prepared lunch will be given on the boat. Barbecued chicken or fish, rice, salad, and toast are served for lunch. After the break, take some time to unwind and enjoy the sun on the upper deck while the boat travels to the next destination.

  5. Visit Dolphin Islands

    Your journey will continue with a stop at Dolphin Island. The unique beauty of this area qualifies it as a natural marvel. Utilize the opportunity to relax by swimming in the clear waters. If you are happy, you could see dolphins swimming near the boat today. The opportunity to see the well-known "bottlenose dolphins" will be unique. However, there is no assurance that these wise and adorable creatures will approach the boat.

  6. Kids Friendly

    Nothing to worry about if you take your family on this great trip. This large boat is family-friendly. The qualified crew will look after your children while you unwind on the boat. A foam party with excellent music will also take place inside the boat on the way back. Additionally, dancers will put on a dance display.

  7. Return Service

    By the time the boat arrives at Kumköy beach, the Side Dolphin Island Boat Trip is over. You will be met by welcoming cars that will take you back to your hotel. Your trip to Side will always be recognized for this adventure.

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