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Side Cabrio Bus Safari with Green Lake Boat Trip

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Full Description

Get ready to explore the Taurus Mountains and its surrounds in the most thrilling and adventurous manner possible! For those looking for a unique approach to seeing the history, culture, and unspoiled natural beauty of the countryside, our Side Cabrio Bus Safari experience is perfect. You may anticipate a full day of activities on this trip, including dusty roads, water battles, mountain vistas, lakes, and towns. 

The Side Cabrio Bus Safari starts when one of our staff members picks you up from your hotel in the morning. Your tour will begin with a visit to the neighborhood mosque in Manavgat. Learn interesting details about this mosque while experiencing the spirituality it may impart to you. A visit to the Manavgat Waterfalls comes next. You will have 30 minutes to look about and take in the beauty the Waterfall brings to the environment. Additionally, it makes for an incredible picture opportunity, so bring your camera. 

A safari off-road continues the experience. Up until the settlement where your next stop is, the car will be traveling through dusty and muddy rural roads. At the village's tea garden, you will get to sample some delectable gözleme, a kind of classic Turkish pancake. Take a little respite to unwind before continuing to the Ancient City of Seleukeia. Your tour guide will give you a thorough overview of the city's history and other crucial details about the area. Then, the off-road driving continues, and along the way, there are other brief pauses where you can view and learn about the Roman Aqueducts, the 1800-year-old Oymapinar Dam, and the Nara's Bridge. 

The Green Canyon is where your off-road safari will embark after that. Lunch will be served at a nearby lakeside restaurant featuring grilled fish, chicken, meatballs, rice, pasta, salad, and fruits. After lunch, you will have one hour and thirty minutes to explore this beautiful place. You may spend your day doing various things, including swimming, kayaking, and fishing. The restaurant's facilities provide all the equipment free of charge. 

A little zoo is the destination of the Side Cabrio Bus Safari. Given that the little zoo is situated amid a forest and contains several uncommon species, it is a fantastic chance to snap a few pictures. You then go on your trip back. The expedition is over when you arrive at your hotel in the late afternoon. A Side Cabrio Safari Tour is a great opportunity to explore the Taurus Mountains' outskirts and learn more about the local people, culture, and history. You may expect amazing natural scenery and vistas on this full-day adventure tour.

Inclusive Of

  • Guide ( English German and Russian )
  • Lunch
  • Green Lake Boat Trip
  • Insurance

Not Inclusive Of


Entrance Fee to Waterfall ( Optional )

Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    The Side Cabrio Safari begins with a morning pick-up from your accommodation. Your tour guide will be with you and will be in charge of providing useful information about the locations you will be seeing.

  2. Visit Manavgat Mosque

    The local mosque will be the first destination on your all-day journey. A mosque may be found in Manavgat. Your tour guide will inform you there about the customs and culture of the faith and the location's history.

  3. Visit Manavgat Waterfall

    The renowned Manavgat Waterfall will be the destination of a second halt. This stop will last around 30 minutes, which is plenty of time to take in and absorb this natural marvel. Please feel free to take pictures of the stunning natural surroundings at Manavgat Waterfall since it is the ideal site for photography. Please be aware that there is an additional fee to enter the Waterfall.

  4. Visit Taurust Mountain with Cabrio

    An off-road safari is the next stop on your countryside tour. The car will be traveling on muddy, dusty rural roads. Enjoy it to the fullest, and be ready for some significant water and dust battles in the vehicle. You will keep driving off-road until you reach a settlement, which will be your next destination. You may experience a tea garden and sample gözleme or Turkish pancakes there.

  5. Visit Seleukeia Ancient City

    After a little break, the Side Cabrio Safari tour continues in the direction of the Ancient City of Seleukeia. Your tour guide will provide you with some crucial information on the city's history during your visit there. It is a 2500-year-old ancient city close to the town of Bucakşeyhler. The city is a superb illustration of prehistoric architectural style. Mosaics from the Hellenistic era will also be seen.

  6. Off Road Green Lake Area

    After that, the off-road driving continues, with several brief pauses along the way for photos. You will get the opportunity to see and learn about the 1800-year-old Naras Bridge, Roman Aqueducts, and Oymapinar Dam, all of which date to the Roman era, during these picture stops.

  7. Green Canyon Lake 1-Hour Boat Trip

    The Green Canyon is your next destination. Lunch will be served at a nearby lakeside restaurant featuring grilled fish, chicken, or meatballs, along with rice, pasta, salad, and fruits. After your lunch we will do 1-Hour Boat Trip in Green Lake. You have a chance to swim in Lake. Thats why do not forget to bring swimming custom.

  8. Free Time After Boat Trip

    At Green Canyon and after your meal, you will have one hour and thirty minutes to yourself. You are welcome to go swimming in the lake or to engage in other activities. You are welcome to utilize the restaurant's free kayaks and fishing gear.

  9. Visit Mini Zoo

    The last visit is a miniature zoo tucked away in a woodland. Enjoy the natural surroundings and take some shots of uncommon creatures. There is a fee to enter the miniature zoo.

  10. Return Back

    The bus will return to the city after that. You will return to your hotel in the late afternoon with a collection of fresh photos and the spectacular Side Cabrio Safari experience.

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