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Full Description

Join in a wonderful diving trip while touring Kemer to immerse yourself in the stunning mysteries of the undersea world. This trip is the perfect getaway for anybody looking to spend a peaceful day outdoors. Your vacation will be fantastic thanks to the boat ride, the serene diving sites, and the whole Kemer Scuba diving experience.

This amazing underwater journey begins in the morning. You will be picked up from your hotel in Kemer and driven to the harbor in a comfortable, modern car. An initial meeting with the instructors occurs after you arrive at the port. To help you throughout your expedition, certified and experienced professional diving instructors will be there. They will cover all the information you want on the diving phases and water sports. Additionally, they will explain the underwater signal language and teach you how to utilize it correctly. Finally, the teachers will provide you with crucial knowledge of the tools and safety protocols. You will have the opportunity to try the oxygen-breathing apparatus after the briefing.

You can take in the beauty of the coastline as the boat begins to cruise. You might use this time to take some breathtaking pictures or sunbathe on the boat. The mix of a tranquil environment and the sounds of the waves is perfect for people who want to unwind. The instructor will give you some last instructions when the boat arrives at the first diving location. Your teacher will be with you for the whole 20-minute dive. You will experience freedom and calmness when you dive since you can explore the amazing underwater environment. You will see the diversity of fish the Mediterranean Sea supports on your first dive.

A brief and healthy lunch is served on board immediately after the dive. Use this chance to unwind and enjoy your time on the boat. The instructor will briefly explain key details once the boat arrives at the second dive location. Considering that you will not be stressed, your second dive will be much better. Make sure you get the most out of your experience by exploring the water's fish, caverns, and other intriguing features.

The boat will begin to head for the harbor after this second dive. A vehicle will pick you up and return you to your accommodation in Kemer. This alternative activity will forever shape your holiday memories.

Explore the marvels of the underwater world by Kemer scuba diving into the Mediterranean Sea's beautiful waters. This unusual and thrilling activity is perfect for tourists looking for a little additional adventure. By participating in this unusual and interesting activity, you may enjoy two dives, discover the diversity of fishes, and create memories that last a lifetime from your vacation in Kemer.

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  • Hotel Pickup Transfer
  • Lunch
  • 2 Dives
  • All Equipments
  • Full Insurance

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup From Hotel

    You will be picked up from your Kemer hotel in the morning and driven to the port, where the boat is, by car.

  2. Briefing and Instructiond

    You will have the chance to meet a qualified diving instructor when you get to the port. The knowledgeable and completely qualified teacher will provide crucial facts on diving. The instructor will go into further detail on diving techniques and appropriate behavior in the water. You will also learn how to operate the diving equipment and follow the fundamental safety precautions. After the session, you will have the chance to try the oxygen-breathing apparatus.

  3. Kemer Scuba Diving First Dive

    Two 20-minute dives on two distinct sites are part of this adventure. The instructor will provide crucial information on your dive as the boat approaches the first diving location. It should be noted that the teacher will dive beside you to help you. Be prepared to feel something special as you reach the water. The act of diving will release and calm you. You will be able to appreciate the beauty of nature and the diversity of species that the sea is home to while diving. After your first dive, you will return to the boat for lunch. You will have a light lunch while the boat travels toward the second diving site, giving you the energy you need for your second dive. You may use this time to unwind and relax on the lawn.

  4. Second Dive

    The instructor will review important information about your dive with you when the boat stops at the second diving site. Due to your prior diving expertise, you will have a more enjoyable second dive. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the underwater environment, and make sure you make the most of the experience.

  5. Return Back to the Hotel

    The boat will start heading back to the dock by the time your second dive is through. A vehicle for your transport return will be there when you arrive. This expedition ends when you return to your hotel feeling sweetly worn out and full of wonderful memories.

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