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Full Description

Take part in a special and unforgettable journey to Pamukkale and enjoy nature at its finest. The Kemer Pamukkale Tour is a fantastic option to avoid tourists and continue your unending exploration of Pamukkale. The Kemer Pamukkale Tour includes several places of exceptional natural beauty, thermal springs, viewing possibilities, and numerous cultural components. This all-day adventure includes everything you could want for a fun and enjoyable day.

The exciting adventure begins in the early morning hours. You will be picked up from your Kemer hotel in a spacious, fully air-conditioned car at a certain hour. You will have a qualified tour guide with you for the whole tour. The knowledgeable and duly authorized guide will be in charge of looking after you. The guide will also provide you with some fascinating and crucial information about the locations you will see during the day. Korkuteli will be the location of this exploration's first stop. You should take advantage of this little stop to have a filling meal that will give you the energy you need to finish the journey. In one of the neighborhood cafés, you may have breakfast and a cup of classic Turkish coffee or tea while relaxing before returning to the bus.

The nearest city to Pamukkale is Denizli, where the Pamukkale Day Trip concludes with a brief stay. From there, you may take stunning panoramic vistas and stunning pictures of the surrounding region. The next step is a lunch break at a neighborhood eatery near Pamukkale. The lunch consists of an open buffet with a wide range of alternatives to suit every single person's palate. While dining, you could glimpse the fabled hills where Pamukkale's famed white terraces are located. You may perhaps take some time to unwind and appreciate the surrounding beauty. Next, the bus will continue traveling in the direction of Pamukkale. Hierapolis, an ancient city, will be the first stop made there. You are welcome to explore the area and see the remains of the old buildings. At the same time, the knowledgeable tour guide will fill you in on all the important details about the past of this historic city. The Roman Baths, the necropolis, the city walls, and the amphitheater are a few of the most significant buildings. Due to the nearby thermal springs that drew several visitors looking for respite from their health-related problems, Hierapolis developed into a healing and spiritual center during the Roman era.

You will continue your journey toward the renowned white travertines of Pamukkale when your visit to the historic city is complete. Due to the white washed mountain's color and formed, this impressive natural marvel is also known as the Cotton Castle. The mountain's geological structure includes a few white terraces where hot waters flow. These naturally occurring ponds contain hot springs that are very beautiful. It is no accident that Cotton Castle draws many tourists each year who want to swim there and benefit from the amenities of these pools. Once again, the knowledgeable tour guide will provide fascinating details about Cotton Castle and the health benefits of the hot springs.

You will see and enjoy Cleopatra's pool, which is just a short distance from the white travertines. The hot waters in this historic pool's naturally occurring form are renowned for their many health advantages. There, swimming is an optional bonus that costs money. Since 1988, the region that encompasses the Cotton Castle and the historical city of Hierapolis has been recognized by UNESCO as a part of the world's cultural heritage. Therefore, before leaving the region, take the time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the significance of this historical monument.

The last destination on the Kemer Pamukkale Tour is Denizli. You can tour a leather and textile store during your stay and discover some fascinating details about the manufacturing methods and materials. You may also buy your fabrics, leather goods, and onyx fabrics, which will make fascinating and wonderful memories from your trip. The bus will briefly stop for meals before continuing its journey back to Kemer. After your tour, you will have a delicious lunch at a nearby restaurant, which will be a wonderful chance to unwind. When you return to Kemer, your unforgettable vacation comes to an end. When you return to your hotel, you will be overcome with joy and a sensation of delicious exhaustion. This trip to Pamukkale will undoubtedly be in your tourists' memories for a long time.

Make memorable memories while on holiday in Kemer and take the opportunity to go on a full-day trip to Pamukkale. This thrilling and adventurous journey includes everything you need for a great vacation. Some of the main attractions of this journey are ancient towns, hot springs, stunning natural settings, and breathtaking vistas. Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of Turkey's most well-known destinations and fall in love with its atmosphere and charm.

Inclusive Of

  • Lunch Pickup Service
  • Professional Guide
  • A/C Bus
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance Fee's to Pamukkale
  • Dinner at the Restaurant

Not Inclusive Of

Cleopatra Pool Entrance Fee


Personal Expenses

Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup from Hotel

    A cozy, fully air-conditioned car will pick you up from your Kemer hotel on the day of your tour. Pickup occurs at a certain time early in the morning. Korkuteli: The first tour stop is Korkuteli, where you may have a delicious and freshly prepared breakfast essential to enjoying the remainder of your excursion. You may unwind while drinking traditional Turkish tea or coffee there.

  2. Visit Denizli City

    Since Denizli is the city nearest to Pamukkale, another brief stop there is planned. You may take in breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding region from there. You may also take some breathtaking photos and enjoy the scenery.

  3. Lunch Time

    A delicious and freshly prepared lunch will be provided at a nearby restaurant. The lunch will be a buffet with various choices, served in an open format. Before going sightseeing, you may unwind and enjoy your time at the restaurant. In addition, you may see and snap beautiful pictures of the hill where the iconic travertines reside.

  4. Visit Pamukkale & Hierapolis

    The journey continues in the direction of Hierapolis, an ancient city. When you get there, you will be astounded by the beautiful setting and wide-ranging buildings that make up this old city. Due to the hot springs in the vicinity, Hierapolis used to be a major spiritual and healing hub during the Roman era. Since ancient times, these thermal springs have helped many people with health-related issues. The Roman Baths, the amphitheater, the necropolis, and the old walls are some noteworthy structures you will soon witness. It is no accident that hundreds of people visit Hierapolis each year since it is such an attractive destination to see. As you stroll about and take in the historical remains, the knowledgeable tour guide will share crucial information about this ancient city's significance and history.

  5. Pamukkale

    Your journey to Pamukkale will continue at the notorious Cotton Castle. The area's whitewashed mountain gave rise to the name of this stunning site. Multiple patios produce naturally formed warm water pools around the mountain's borders. The benefits of the hot springs that flow into the travertines are well recognized. Many tourists visit this stunning area every year to explore and swim in the travertines. It is significant to note that Cotton Castle and the surrounding region of Hierapolis are included as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites. The tour guide will share fascinating information about the mountain's geological development and the health benefits of the thermal springs while you are there. Do not pass up the opportunity to take your stunning images there since the Cotton Castle is the perfect background for breathtaking pictures.

  6. Cleopatra Pool

    Your tour continues with a stop at Cleopatra's Pool, which is close to Cotton Castle. A naturally formed pool with hot water is present in the area. Because the water of Cleopatra's Pool provides so many health benefits, it is a well-liked tourist destination. There, swimming is permitted for a fee. While the tour guide tells you all you need to know about this area, take the opportunity to appreciate the surroundings and take some stunning pictures of this natural pool.

  7. Return Service

    After supper, the bus will continue traveling in the direction of Kemer. When you return to your accommodation, your thrilling and adventurous journey to Pamukkale ends. The day trip to Pamukkale will give you happy feelings and fresh perspectives. After this all-day tour, your vacations will never be the same, and your memories will last a lifetime.

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