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Demre Myra Kekova Sunken City Boat Trip from Antalya

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Full Description

Avoid the crowds and participate in a thrilling adventure along Antalya's stunning coastline. This trip includes sightseeing, leisure, and stunning scenery. The Demre Myra Kekova Boat Trip will transport you to prestigious beaches, submerged historical civilizations, and commanding places in Antalya's blue seas. 

A car will pick you up from your hotel on the day of your tour at a prearranged time and take you to the start of this beautiful journey. According to the itinerary, the first stop will be at Kemer, an attractive tourist resort close to Antalya's city center. You will have a delicious and stimulating breakfast there at a neighborhood eatery. The restaurant provides breathtaking cityscape views of Kumluca. 

The bus will next journey to Kekova's little yet endearing harbor. You will board a boat for an enjoyable and educational excursion once you get to the port. It should be mentioned that the boat has a glass bottom and is the best for seeing and admiring the submerged old city's remains. You will be able to glimpse the submerged buildings and the steps leading to this buried metropolis throughout the boat ride. The knowledgeable tour guide will provide a thorough account of the history of this ancient Lycian city. You will see the defensive walls and the remains of a Byzantine church as the boat approaches the Island of Kekova. 

The boat will return to the dock, where you may board a bus to go to the historic city of Myra. As your tour guide will explain, the rock-cut tombs and the amphitheater make this ancient city renowned. The Church of Saint Nicholas is where the expedition continues toward Demre. This holy site is well-liked because it has a marble sarcophagus, which many people think is the actual grave of St. Nicholas. The Church is now a museum that welcomes thousands of people each year. 

You will have the opportunity to have a freshly prepared lunch in a neighborhood eatery close by. Since this is the final stop of your journey, take advantage of the opportunity to unwind over lunch. The bus will continue traveling back to Antalya after the lunch break. Once you go back to your hotel, the full-day adventure comes to an end. When you check into the hotel, you will be filled with wonderful emotions and priceless memories after your unique excursion. 

Discover some of the most beautiful locations along the Turkish coast and immerse yourself in an unending time-travel adventure. With the Demre Myra Kekova Boat Trip from Antalya , you can take in the stunning scenery and ancient monuments. Take a glass-bottom boat ride to see a submerged ancient city. This trip combines leisure and sightseeing in a serene and enjoyable setting.

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  • Lunch
  • Professional Guide
  • Sunken Boat Trip
  • A/C Bus

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Transfer from Hotel

    This incredible adventure begins early in the day. You will be picked up by a car from your Antalya hotel at a certain hour. To ensure that your journey is enjoyable, you will ride in a comfortable, contemporary, and completely air-conditioned car.

  2. Breakfast at the Restaurant

    Kemer will be the first stop destination on the Antalya Kekova Sunken City Tour. You may have an exciting brunch and unwind at this charming and well-liked location after the journey.

  3. Kekova Sunken Boat Trip

    After that, the bus will take you to the picturesque harbor for an unforgettable boat ride. The boat, which has an outstanding glass bottom, is the best method to visit the old city of Kekova, which is submerged. You will get to see and enjoy the remains of a number of the buildings from this historic city that has sunk throughout the boat ride. The boat's top deck is perfect for sunbathing for individuals who prefer to unwind. The boat ride is a wonderful chance to take in the tranquil surroundings and the pristine seas.

  4. Visit Myra Ancient City

    As soon as you arrive at the coast, the bus will direct you toward the ancient city of Myra. This community is renowned for its spectacular amphitheater and rock-cut graves. You will learn crucial details about the significance and history of this old city from the tour guide.

  5. Visit Saint Nicholas Church

    The study moves to Saint Nicholas Church in Demre. This holy site is a well-liked vacation destination because it has a marble sarcophagus that many people think is St. Nicholas's original tomb. The Church is now a museum that welcomes thousands of people each year. Your tour guide will explain the relationship between Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus.

  6. Lunch Break

    The last destination of your trip is Demre. Then comes a lunch break right after that. The lunch will be provided at a nearby restaurant and include some delectable, freshly prepared meals.

  7. Return Transfer

    After the lunch break, the bus will keep traveling back to Antalya. The Antalya Kekova Sunken City Tour is over when you return to your hotel. You will be energized, filled with lasting memories, and feeling only good things at that point.

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Value for money
Amazing Sightseeing Boat

Suzan Yuhan


We spoke with Whatsapp and book directly from there. They are very helpful people. They gave us info for everything. Even they answer all questions about Antalya as well. We went to trip a bit early starting time but it was okay. Guide was fantastic and gives us all information about myra and demre history. We highly recommended guys.

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