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2 Days Cappadocia Tour from Antalya

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Full Description

Take part in a 2-day tour that will never be forgotten to learn more about the famous Cappadocia. Two days of intensive sightseeing and cultural study are included in the Antalya Cappadocia Tour. Throughout the journey, you will get the chance to see some of Cappadocia's most well-known tourist destinations. This amazing trip includes stops at archaeological sites, museums, valleys, and places with stunning natural beauty. 

The Antalya Cappadocia Tour begins early in the day. You will be picked up by a van from your hotel in Antalya and transported to Side. You may take a little stop there before continuing on your journey into Cappadocia. You will ride in brand-new, cozy, and completely air-conditioned buses for a relaxing and delightful road journey. 

The excursion continues in the direction of Caravansarai, a wayside inn that travelers used to unwind after a long journey. In fact, throughout the preceding centuries, the Caravansarai developed into a hub for trade and the exchange of knowledge for those traveling the trade routes along the Silk Road. A visit to the Saratli Kirkgoz Underground City marks the conclusion of the first day of the expedition. Visitors are impressed by this famous monument's interesting architecture. 

Visitors may see an underground city built there to serve as an emergency shelter for those affected by the Crusades' invasions. The bus will take you directly from that location to a hotel in Cappadocia, where you may spend the night. A delectable supper and a refreshing breakfast are provided at the hotel and are included in the cost. 

Those who want to partake in one of Cappadocia's most iconic and well-known activities may pay extra for the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride and take in a magnificent early-morning sunrise. You may buy this extra adventure from our Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride website. Attending a traditional Turkish Night or a Whirling Dervishes Show are two options for anyone looking to experience the city's nightlife. These involvements are optional, and interested parties may buy this extra feature from our website. 

The second day of the Antalya Cappadocia Tour begins with a magnificent and unique tour of some of the most famous valleys in Cappadocia. You can tour the Pigeon Valleys, Devrent, Pasabag, Goreme, and more accurately. You will get the opportunity to see the fabled fairy chimneys and take some breathtaking pictures of the imposing stone structures during the photo pauses. 

The Uchisar Castle is where the journey will halt next. The castle's vantage point at the top of the hill offers spectacular all-encompassing views of the surrounding region. Tunnels and steps link the chambers that have been fashioned out of the rocks. There are also several beautiful fairy chimneys in the vicinity. Following your excursion, you will partake in a delicious lunch at a typical neighborhood restaurant, which is included in the cost. 

The bus will continue on its journey back to Antalya because this is the final stop on the Antalya Cappadocia Tour. A lunch break will be taken during the journey so that you may unwind and savor a freshly prepared meal. Once you return to your Antalya hotel at 18:00, your 2 unforgettable day Cappadocia tour will close.

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  • Hotel Breakfast and Dinner
  • Professional Guide
  • Insurance
  • A/C Bus

Not Inclusive Of

Hot Air Balloon

Single Room ( 15€ )

Entrance Fee's


Tour Itinerary

  1. 2-Day Cappadocia Tour Program

    A wonderful Antalya Cappadocia Tour will let you learn about Cappadocia's mysteries and explore the region. Explore the majestic valleys of Cappadocia, major ancient sites, and hidden towns, and marvel at the breathtaking scenery. This tour is the best method to discover and understand Cappadocia's history since it blends entertainment, adventure, history, and culture into one.

  2. Start from Antalya to Cappadocia

    Your Cappadocia Tour from Antalya will begin early in the morning when a bus picks you up from your Antalya hotel. To take a little rest and proceed with a larger bus toward Cappadocia, a stop will be made in the city of Side. Despite the lengthy drive, we guarantee it will be enjoyable since the buses are cozy and completely air-conditioned.

  3. Visit Caravanserai

    The bus keeps going toward the next halt of Caravanserai. In earlier years, this place served as a wayside inn well-liked by travelers and merchants. These inns served as an unofficial hub for knowledge and commerce among travelers traveling along the famed Silk Road and other important trade routes in the area.

  4. Visit Underground City

    A stop there is also planned for the program. In an attempt to rescue those who were in danger during the time of the Crusades' invasions, this underground city was built. This is remarkable since it has a sizable subterranean city with chambers and passageways.

  5. Stay Luxury Hotel

    The bus will take you to a hotel in Cappadocia immediately after this stop so that you may unwind and spend the night there. You will be able to have a delicious meal at the hotel and breakfast the following morning.

  6. Optional Turkish Night

    Turkish Night or the Whirling Dervishes are two of the greatest choices for anyone who wants to explore the city at night and take in a fascinating cultural event. Those interested may buy the trip via our website for an additional fee for this unique function.

  7. Second Day Hot Air Balloon

    Those interested may take part in this unforgettable experience in Cappadocia, which is famed for its hot air balloon rides. You may buy this trip from our Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride website. This added feature has an additional cost. Participants can see a magnificent and colorful sunrise on this early-morning tour.

  8. Discover Cappadocia with Tour Guide

    The second day of our excursion begins immediately after breakfast at the hotel. You will be taken by bus to the fabled Cappadocia region. More specifically, you will stop in the Devrent, Pasabag, Goreme, and Pigeon Valleys, where you will be treated to breathtaking panoramas of fairy chimneys and spectacular rocky formations.

  9. Visit Uchisar Castle

    The tour of Cappadocia continues with a stop at Uchisar Castle and a lunch break. The castle is built into a hill with tunnels connecting its apartments, which are cut out from the rocks. After the tour, a lunch break will be at a neighboring restaurant.

  10. Visit Cavusin Village

    This second day's itinerary calls for a visit to the well-known Cavusin Village. Greek and Turkish people used to reside in this community's dwellings cut out of rocks. As individuals began to reside in manufactured homes, these impressive homes were progressively abandoned. Tourists can see this unique architectural style and the village's hidden beauty.

  11. Back to Antalya

    Immediately after the tour to Cavusin, the bus will begin traveling back to Antalya. It will stop for lunch at a nearby restaurant while traveling. The expedition is over when you return to your accommodation in Antalya at about 18:00.

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