Belek Rafting & Buggy Safari Tour

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Full Description

Experience a thrilling adventure and create unforgettable memories with our Belek Rafting and Buggy Safari Tour. This ultimate fun and entertaining activity allows you to explore the beautiful mountains surrounding Belek while riding off-road with a buggy car, and enjoying a rafting adventure on the wild river waves. Suitable for all ages, this tour guarantees an exciting and joyful experience.

Starting in the morning, this full day excursion is available daily and offers a comfortable car pick-up from your hotel in Belek for your convenience. Our team will take you through an impressive forest until you reach the buggy safari station. Along the way, you can enjoy breathtaking views and pass by charming small villages. The trip includes several short stops, perfect for relaxing, taking a break, and capturing some beautiful photos of the scenic spots.

Experience an unforgettable adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime with our Belek Rafting and Buggy Safari Tour. This full day excursion is perfect for people of all ages and promises an exciting day filled with laughter and joy.

Starting in the morning, a comfortable car will pick you up from your hotel in Belek and take you to an impressive forest where the buggy safari station is located. You'll enjoy several short stops along the way to take in the beautiful views and snap some photos at charming small villages.

No prior experience is necessary for the buggy safari as a team of experienced instructors will explain everything to you about driving and controlling the buggy. Get ready for a super-thrilling off-road path filled with rocks, wet and muddy spots, and lots of dust. The buggy safari will be an incredible experience for all.

After completing the buggy safari route, you'll be transferred to the river for the next part of this amazing day. You'll be welcomed by another great team of instructors who will explain the basics of rafting. After receiving your safety equipment, you'll enter the boats and have some serious fun! Enjoy the cool river water and peaceful landscape as you raft down the foamy and wild waters. There will be a break along the way where you can even take a swim in the river.

This amazing combo activity is perfect for those looking for adventure and an adrenaline rush. It's also a family-friendly activity as kids can participate and enjoy equally. After the rafting experience, a comfortable car will drive you back to Belek, where the tour ends at your hotel, leaving you full of great memories and images.

Inclusive Of

  • Pick-up Transfer
  • Full Insurance
  • 1-Hour Buggy
  • 3 Hours Rafting
  • Lunch
  • Guide
  • All Equipment

Not Inclusive Of


Wet Water Shoes(Optional)

Personal Expenses

Photos & Videos

Tour Itinerary

  1. Off-road Adventure

    Join our Belek Buggy Safari and Rafting Combo Tour for an action-packed day of adventure. No previous experience or license is needed for the buggy safari, as a team of expert instructors will guide you through the controls and ensure your safety. The off-road path will take you through a variety of terrains, including dusty and muddy spots, making for an exhilarating ride.

  2. Rafting Thrills

    After the buggy safari, head to the river for a rafting experience like no other. The instructors will provide a comprehensive briefing before you take to the water, ensuring you have the necessary safety equipment. As you navigate the wild and foamy river, you'll feel your adrenaline levels soar, and the cool water will offer a refreshing break from the heat. You'll have the chance to swim and relax during a short break.

  3. Convenient Transfers

    A comfortable car will pick you up from your Belek accommodation in the morning, and a tour guide will accompany you for the day, providing all the necessary details. After the rafting activity, the car will be waiting to take you back to your hotel in the afternoon. Don't miss this opportunity for an unforgettable day of adventure in the beautiful Turkish countryside.

  4. Buggy safari

    No prior experience or driving license is necessary to drive a buggy car, so there is no need to worry if this is your first time. A team of instructors will provide guidance on how to drive and control the vehicle. Once you have your safety equipment, you can begin driving on the off-road path, where you'll encounter lots of dust, mud, and wet areas - so prepare to get a bit dirty.

  5. Rafting

    Following the buggy safari, you'll return to the station and move on to the next part of the combo-tour: rafting. Once again, the instructors will give you an important briefing before you board the boats for an absolutely thrilling experience. The flow of the foamy and wild river will boost your adrenaline levels, and once you get used to the water temperature, you'll likely want to jump in and swim. Take advantage of the instructor's short break to relax or swim.

  6. Return Service

    At the end of the rafting activity, a comfortable car will be waiting at the station to transport you back. You'll arrive back at your hotel in the afternoon, concluding a fantastic day in the countryside.

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