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If you're planning a holiday in Belek, Turkey, a trip to the enchanting landscape of Cappadocia should certainly be on your agenda. Our team at Tour Moni is delighted to assist you with this memorable journey! Set off with us to explore Cappadocia, a region renowned for its vast valleys and layers of underground cities carved into the volcanic tufa. A trip to Cappadocia is akin to stepping into a captivating narrative filled with enigmatic tales and secrets tucked away within its otherworldly landscapes. Throughout our journey, we'll share with you the hidden wonders that lend this land its irresistible allure. Be ready for an early start as you're about to embark on a 500 km journey along the picturesque Turkish highways, connecting the resort town of Belek and the ethereal beauty of Cappadocia. To ensure the trip is as remarkable as the destination, you'll be travelling in our modern bus, making the journey time feel like it's flown by. Our exploration of this fascinating region commences with a visit to the Mevlana Museum. Here, you'll experience the mystical ambience of the Dervishes' teachings. As you delve deeper into the culture of this ancient mystery, you'll discover what lies beneath the white, billowing robes of these enigmatic hermits. Caravanserais form an integral part of Cappadocia's history, owing to the region's strategic location at the crossroads of trade routes. This boosted the development of commercial interactions throughout the area. Within the caravanserais' walls, traders could always find shelter, food, and the chance to form new alliances - a distinct aspect of the oriental culture typical to these regions. While caravanserais are scattered across Ancient Anatolia, only in Cappadocia will you encounter the remarkable underground cities. The Saratli Dungeons delve deep into the earth's core. Millennia before your journey, Cappadocia was buried under voluminous layers of volcanic rock. Over time, winds dispersed the tuff and rains washed it away, leaving behind a softer rock. The inhabitants of this region ingeniously adapted to life within this volcanic rock. They constructed residential spaces and managed to lead lives devoid of sunlight. Here, you'll encounter living areas, storage rooms, and even Christian chapels! Emerging back to the surface, you'll begin to perceive life beneath the sun's rays differently, appreciating the simple pleasure of light. After touring the dungeons, we'll proceed to check into a hotel. You can optionally order a Turkish night to continue your evening with a thrilling show program and a balloon tour (not included in the tour package price and paid separately). As the sun ascends the horizon, we'll commence exploring the famed valleys of Cappadocia. Our expedition will traverse some of the most picturesque landscapes that have become the emblem of this region, including: • Devrent Valley, also known as Imagination Valley, with hundreds of pillars boasting extraordinary shapes and outlines. Let your imagination run wild! • Valley of the Monks, where you'll hear legends about monk cells and admire the awe-inspiring pillars with two or even three tops. • The Goreme Valley, an open-air museum with its churches and chapels. • The Pigeon Valley, offering mesmerizing views of thousands of small holes in the rocks - the renowned pigeon houses of Cappadocia, set against the backdrop of an ancient settlement. These vistas will leave you breathless! Finally, we'll stop at the fortress city of Uchisar, reinforcing the unique allure of Cappadocia. The inhabitants ingeniously transformed ordinary rock into an architectural masterpiece, a defensive structure riddled with secret passageways and tunnels. Above all, this sophisticated engineering concept facilitated the easy defense of Uchisar from enemies. A visit to Cappadocia is indeed a significant life achievement. Its landscapes are so celestial that it inevitably leads to a belief in a divine presence capable of creating such astounding natural beauty and nurturing life within it. You can endlessly dream about these landscapes, but seeing them in person just once will etch them in your heart forever. Come, join us now!

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