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Antalya Scuba Diving Tour

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Full Description

You would be making a big mistake if you decided to conclude your holiday in Antalya without going scuba diving! Dive into the fabled Mediterranean Sea's deep blue waters and take the opportunity to explore it. For those looking for adventure, relaxation, and alternative tourist attractions, the Antalya Diving Tour is a need.

This one-of-a-kind adventure begins when one of our staff members picks you up from your hotel. Our certified scuba diving instructors will give you a briefing before your dive, during which they will go over vital safety and technical information. The instructors will show the appropriate usage of all the equipment and the operation of underwater communication. 

This full-day scuba diving tour includes a boat ride and two dives that both novice and expert divers may do. The dives you will take may last no more than 20 minutes apiece for safety reasons. Therefore, if this is your first dive, you should not be concerned about the difficulty level. The region of Kemer in Antalya will be the boat's final destination. 

(Please be aware that the amount of time you will spend under the water varies from person to person.) 

It is considered the ideal location for scuba diving since the seas are warm and immaculately clean. Beautiful, remote bays abound in the Kemer region, some of which can only be reached by boat. Consequently, this multi-day vacation provides a fantastic chance to explore and swim in pristine bays of exceptional beauty. 

You will be in awe of the sea's beauty when diving. You may see the wide diversity of fish that the Mediterranean Sea supports and the abundant marine life and immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals. If you are fortunate, you could have the opportunity to observe the well-known Caretta-Caretta turtles, which are protected in the area, and even go swimming with them. After your sea-borne magical adventure, lunch will be provided on board, with coffee and authentic Turkish tea and between the two dives. 

You must be sure of yourself and confident while diving with the Antalya Diving Tour. However, you are still welcome to join us on this trip if you lack confidence and want to try something new. Our boat has a fantastic sun deck where you can unwind and enjoy the sunshine. You are welcome to swim or utilize our free snorkeling gear. 

By the time you get to the dock and take the shuttle back to your hotel, your Antalya Diving trip is over. You will be able to comprehend the distinctive marine environment and enjoy the beauty of the underwater activities. Turkish waters have to offer after the day. In Antalya's azure seas, test yourself with two dives. Take part in a memorable full-day scuba diving expedition and take in the beauty of a serene natural environment. Take advantage of the chance to explore the Turkish coast while learning the fundamentals of scuba diving. Undoubtedly, an adventure not to be missed is scuba diving in Antalya.

Inclusive Of

  • Pickup Service ( All Hotels )
  • All Equipments
  • Full Insurance
  • Lunch
  • 2 Dives

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Photos & Videos


Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup from Hotel

    The trip will already begin when you are picked up from your hotel. Our staff members will provide your transportation to the port, where you will meet your diving instructors.

  2. Diving Boat Deck

    On the same day, two dives are included in the Antalya Diving Tour. When you arrive at the harbor, our diving boat will be there to pick you up. The boat is roomy and furnished with everything you could need while traveling. There are toilets, showers, and sunbeds for people on the beach. There is also a bar where you can sip coffee and old-fashioned Turkish tea.

  3. Briefing and Instructors

    A briefing will be held onboard before your dive. Our qualified and experienced scuba diving instructors will advise you on crucial technical and safety knowledge. The instructors will show the appropriate equipment use, and you will test your breathing using specialized oxygen tubes. Additionally, educators will use sign language to show how communication occurs underwater. If this is your first dive, there is no need to be concerned since everything will be explained in detail, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions.

  4. First Dive

    The boat is moving toward the first diving location as your vacation gets underway. Dives will be conducted in the Kemer district of the Antalya region. Due to the combination of warm and clear seas for optimal visibility, this specific spot is perfect for scuba diving. It is important to note that the instructors randomly choose the diving sites on the same day.

  5. Lunch

    After your first dive, you will take a break onboard for lunch. You will have the chance to sample a healthy lunch that will provide you with energy and support for your next dive. Additionally, Turkish coffee and tea are available.

  6. Second Dive

    After you have had a chance to refuel and take a little break, the boat will take you on your second dive. You must once again adhere to the guidelines provided by the experts. The second dive takes place at a different location, so it is a fantastic chance to learn something new and contrast the locations.

  7. Photos & Videos

    Our staff will capture official photos and films while you are on your dives. Once you get to the harbor, you may see them and pay extra to buy them. These images and recordings will make wonderful souvenirs of this remarkable experience.

  8. Return Hotel

    The diving trip in Antalya is over when you get to the port. You will be driven back to your hotel while feeling emotional and somewhat tired.

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