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Antalya Paragliding Experience with Professional Pilot

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Full Description

Have you ever been excited about what it's like to fly? You may truly get a sense of it by flying over the breathtaking Cleopatra Beach from Antalya with the Antalya Paragliding Experience. Participating in this exhilarating activity can add excitement to your travels and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

The activity is offered daily, so you can choose the day that best fits your schedule. Please remember that paragliding is only genuinely possible in the morning. As a result, a cozy and contemporary automobile will pick you up from your Antalya hotel at a prearranged hour. When you arrive at the paragliding flying station on Cleopatra's Hill, the vehicle will bring you to Alanya. It takes two hours to drive there.

At the station, which is 700 meters above sea level, you will be welcomed by a group of qualified instructors. The Pilot and experienced instructors to must a thorough briefing on the flight, the safety procedures, and the safety gear. Participants are free to ask any questions they may have during the session. 

When you're ready, the teacher will utilize the safety equipment to fasten you to his body. You will both then begin to move gently toward the hill's edge. You'll eventually find yourself floating through the air! Paragliding may provide incredible emotions and sensations. The body is filled with a perfect sensation of freedom as the adrenaline levels rise. 

The flying time with a paraglider is between 20 to 30 minutes. Please be aware that the length constantly depends on the wind's strength and direction. While in the air, you may take in the tranquility of the surrounding environment. More specifically, you will see some extraordinary and breathtaking vistas of Cleopatra beach. The pilot will eventually begin to fly in landing mode until you touch down. The elegant Cleopatra beach is where the plane lands. 

The teacher will record films and take pictures of you while you are in the air. When you land, you may preview them and, if you're interested, pay extra to buy them. The pictures will make wonderful souvenirs of this experience. After the flight, you will be transferred back to Antalya in a fully air-conditioned contemporary vehicle. When you go back to your hotel in the afternoon, plan on returning. 

The Antalya Paragliding Experience is, without a doubt, one of the best adrenaline-inducing activities out there. Drop your enthusiasm and let yourself experience an activity unlike any other as you soar over one of the area's most well-known beaches. For those see to try something new and different, paragliding is excellent. It is fantastic for individuals who want to experience more adventure and make new memories.

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  • Pick-up From Hotel
  • Insurance
  • Professional Pilot
  • All Equipment

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pick-up From Hotels or Residence

    Antalya Paragliding Experience starts in the morning with a pick-up. A staff member will pick you up in a luxurious, contemporary vehicle from your Antalya lodging. The journey to the paragliding flying station from Alanya takes around two hours.

  2. Equipment & Instructions from Pilots

    Before taking this unusual journey, you will get a crucial introduction briefing. You will meet a group of instructors and paragliding experts at Cleopatra's Hill, where your flight will depart. They will go through all the details of the flight with you. They will also provide you with the required safety equipment and information about the flight's safety protocols.

  3. Experience flying and Information

    The teacher will fasten the clothes so that the flight may begin once you have all the knowledge you want. You begin the adventure by running a short distance toward the hill's edge. You will eventually be flying and experience your body's first adrenaline rush. You may experience a lot of range of emotions during the journey and an unbounded sense of freedom.

  4. Views from Sky

    The 20-minute paragliding ride lasts around. However, the duration depends on the climate and the wind's direction. When you take off from Cleopatra's Hill, you will be able to take in some of the most impressive and breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape. More specifically, you will fly above Cleopatra's seashore and take in its splendor. Additionally, you may see Alanya and the stunning Mediterranean Sea.

  5. Landing to Cleopatra Beach

    The pilot will begin using a landing mode after 20 minutes in the air and continue until you touch down safely. The breathtaking Cleopatra's beach is where the paragliding flight lands. You'll feel really happy and excited when you arrive.

  6. Return back to Hotels

    A vehicle will be ready to take you back to Antalya as the landing procedure is complete. You will get back to your accommodation after a two-hour drive.

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