Antalya Maldives Boat Trip with Foam Party

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Full Description

Explore some of the most spectacular and lovely bays along Antalya's coastline as part of a very engaging and enjoyable boat tour. Swim at Duden waterfall, Rat Island, Çaltıcak Bays, and a secluded beach near a cave while sailing on a multi-story, fully prepared boat. Expect to experience a wonderful environment and make some lovely, lasting memories on this boat excursion, which is perfect for individuals of all ages. 

Every day, we provide an Antalya Maldives Boat Trip that departs in the morning. You will be informed of the precise departure time and the meeting location when you make a reservation. Prepare to cruise into the Mediterranean's azure waves by arriving on time. You will travel by boat for the duration of this journey on a multi-story vessel with an amazing design. The yacht features a bar, restrooms with showers, and interior and outdoor spaces. It is completely furnished with everything you could need. 

You go by boat to Sçan for a little rest. This little rocky island, also called Rat Island, has a cave and turquoise seas. Strong proof that the island was populated in antiquity may be found in ruins. Attack Beaches will host an hour-long break. Both the smaller and larger bays in the vicinity are renowned for their sandy bottoms and beautiful waters. In the vicinity, there is a cave with a private beach where you may go swimming in a pristine, secluded bay. 

You will also get the chance to see the iconic Duden waterfall throughout the day. As you can see, the water cascades down the cliff and into the Mediterranean Sea, making this natural marvel a well-known tourist destination in the region. You'll have a one-hour swimming break at the waterfall. Jump into the ocean, have a good time with your loved ones, and take pictures. 

This excursion is not only a fascinating boat ride with several swimming stops in lovely coves but also a terrific way to spend a fun day at sea. On the boat, an open lunchtime buffet will be provided. Prepare yourselves for a foam party when the ferry returns to Antalya. As you dance and enjoy the bubbles around you, wonderful memories are being made. The team will also engage the youngsters with games, contests, and quizzes. When you get back to the harbor in the afternoon, the boat voyage comes to an end. 

Take a fun boat ride to one of Antalya's most picturesque bays to escape the crowd. All ages will enjoy this full-day tour, which guarantees a relaxed environment, laughter, and beautiful scenery. Make lasting memories while swimming in the clear seas and exploring the coastline's natural beauty. 

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  • Professional Staff
  • Insurance
  • Foam Party
  • Animation
  • Lunch
  • Unlimited Drinks

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Personal Expenses

Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup & Departure

    The Antalya Maldives Boat Trip departs and is a fantastic full-day adventure for everyone. It starts in the morning when you come to the port and prepare for an extraordinary day. Please know that when you make your reservation, you will get the precise departure time and meeting location.

  2. Sailing with Maldives Boat

    You'll be sailing on an impressive boat for this boat tour. The yacht offers several decks for sunbathers, as well as internal covered spaces. It is completely furnished and contains restrooms, showers, and a bar where you may relax with alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

  3. Swimming Breaks

    You may anticipate exploring and swimming in some of the region's most picturesque bays throughout the day. You may take in the scenery's beauty and tranquility on the boat ride to Rat Island. At Altcak Beaches, where you can also locate a cave with a private beach, swimming stops are also planned. All you have to do is jump into the water after the boat has anchored to set yourself free to savor every second.

  4. Duden Waterfall

    During this boat ride, there is another intriguing stop at the famed Duden waterfall. Given that the waters of this breathtaking waterfall flow straight into the Mediterranean Sea, it is very well-known. You'll get a one-hour break to swim, have fun, and snap pictures.

  5. Entertainment and Party

    This boat tour is remarkable and unique since it blends entertainment with leisure. Expect a great time aboard as the team plans a foam party for you as you return to Antalya. You are going to experience emotions and create priceless memories as a result of the music, bubbles, and good vibrations. The team sets up several games and tournaments for the kids. Even better, you'll enjoy a lunch buffet with various alternatives to suit every taste.

  6. Return Service

    In the late afternoon, our Antalya Maldives Boat Trip ends. By the time you return to the dock, you should be experiencing a remarkable medley of good feelings. Your day will become exceptional, and your vacation will be upgraded thanks to this boat tour.

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