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Full Description

Antalya Land Of Legends Theme Park rates vary depending on the season; you can see the current rates after choosing your reservation date on the form. Take part in a tour that will make your time in Antalya memorable. Antalya Land Of Legends, often known as "Turkish Disneyland," is a rare chance to spend a day jam-packed with adventure, comedy, and excitement. Go to the Park and spend the day there with your family and friends. 

This amazing adventure begins early in the day. You will be picked up from your hotel in Antalya and driven to the Park in a spacious and modern car. The Belek region is home to the Land of Legends Theme Park. As soon as you enter the Park, you will be amazed by its grandeur and the wide range of activities. The largest Park of its sort in Europe is called Land of Legends. The facility as a whole has a stunning architectural layout. The interior has a unifying concept, and the facilities and sculptures perfectly sync. The Park also has stunning views with plenty of flowers and trees. 

The Land of Legends has a magnificent waterpark with 40 slides, multiple pools, and kid-friendly play areas. The waterpark is perfect for people of all ages since it has themed slides in various modes that cater to everyone's requirements and preferences. The Park's visitors can choose fast, thrilling slides or leisurely, mellow ones. Both those looking to unwind and those looking for adventure may enjoy the pools and slides. Roller coasters are only one of the thrilling things that Land of Legends offers. The 43m high Typhoon Coaster is one of the most notable attractions and is highly recommended for guests looking for a unique and thrilling trip. The Family Coaster, Family Swing, Hurricane, Sky Fighter, Air Balloon Race, Flying Carpet, Twister, and Uptown Loop are more thrilling attractions. 

The Park offers a range of events and activities that guests may participate in with their families since they are deemed kid-friendly. These performances include, among others, dolphin displays, Beluga whale shows, and a 5D moviegoing experience. Moving chairs and spectacular effects are features of the cinema that will enhance your experience. 

You could sense wind, rain, fog, laser light, and lightning. Your movie trip will be extremely amazing, thanks to these 5D special effects. There are penguin shows where you may pet the creatures for those interested. It is also possible to go swimming with dolphins, which is a fantastic chance to see how smart they are. There are additional facilities in this thrilling Park where you may pass the time, such as a retail district with well-known brands worldwide. To meet the guests' requirements, there are also restaurants, cafeterias, and pubs accessible. High-quality food is available in restaurants and bars, which are also excellent places to unwind and take a break. 

The Land of Legends Theme Park is thought to be a secure setting for you, your loved ones, and your friends. You may hire lockers to keep your personal belongings securely. Additionally, you may add credits to a bracelet that has been particularly created in place of carrying currency. You may use the credits to make any transaction within the Park, such as at eateries or stores. These wristbands are available at the Park's entry. 

The Park is well-marked, and staff members are ready to help you with anything. Instructions on how to use the Park's amenities properly may be obtained from the staff. It is significant to note that Turkish, English, German, and Russian are the spoken languages. Regarding the waterpark's amenities, the slides and the pools are checked out and cleaned daily. Professional and certified lifeguards ensure that the waterpark's activities run smoothly and are used correctly. As a result, you do not need to be concerned when you are there. Finally, the Land of Legends Theme Park prioritizes safety. Therefore, it is advised that persons with health issues, such as those relating to the heart, neck, or back, refrain from using the slides or other high-risk activities like roller coasters. 

You can access all the Park's attractions and have a great time there by taking part in this tour. The afternoon is when Antalya Land of Legends Theme Park closes. Then, a cozy car will take you back to your hotel, ready and waiting for you. When you reach your hotel in Antalya, your all-day adventure has concluded. This incredible journey will live on in your vacation memories for a very long time, leaving you with delicious exhaustion and new experiences. While on vacation in Antalya, you may participate in a full-day excursion that combines humour and enjoyment! When you visit the Land of Legends Theme Park, you can expect to have a blast and a lot of fun. The "Turkish Disneyland" is a theme park that offers a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages, including a waterpark, an amusement park, and performances in 5D. Take a day to explore a beautiful Park, and your vacation will be remembered.

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  • Dolphin Show
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  • Water Park

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Swim with the Dolphins

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    Early in the morning, the Antalya Land of Legends Tour starts. One of our staff members will pick you up from your hotel and will then transport you to the Belek-area Land of Legends Theme Park.

  2. Roller Coaster

    Due to the Park's size, internal layout, and range of activities, it will captivate your interest from the very beginning. The fact that the Park is among the largest in Europe is no accident. With several buildings, sculptures, and specifically created green spaces brimming with trees and flowers, its outside and interior design have a shared concept. Every tourist will enjoy the spectacular amusement park at Land of Legends. The amusement park offers a range of roller coasters for individuals who want to experience some adrenaline spikes. One of them, a specific roller coaster, is well-known. A 43-meter-high roller coaster with an 86KPH speed, the Typhoon. The huge, splashy finale is, of course, the exciting aspect of this action.

  3. Hyper Coaster and Activities

    Among other things, guests may experience an incredible trip on the Hyper Coaster. This specific exercise blends excitement and rapid movement to ensure you get the most out of the experience. Despite the roller coasters, the Park offers several other activities you may participate in based on your interests. The Family Coaster, Sky Fighter, Air Balloon Race, Flying Carpet, Twister, Family Swing, Hurricane, Uptown Loop, Finger Coaster, Galleon, Race Coaster, Sweet Swing, Sky Walker, Round The World, Riot, Tagada, Carousel, Power Fall are just a few of the events included here.

  4. Water Park and Slides

    Visitors may enjoy a fantastic waterpark within the Land of Legends. There are 40 slides, many pools, and kid-friendly small pools. The slides are appropriate for people of all ages and interests since you may pick between calm and leisurely and frantic and exciting. There are several pool kinds from which to pick, depending on your mood. For instance, the Wave Shock simulates a little ocean where you may unwind by riding the waves. The Family Floats pool is another option for having fun and relaxed times with family and friends. The Aqua Tower offers a fun space for swimming and playing for kids. Those seeking fun and adventure also have options regarding the pools' more thrilling side. While the Wave Ball pool quickly transforms tranquil waters into wild ones, the Rafting Rapids pools let you ride frothy and white waves.

  5. Disco and Aqua Park

    This waterpark's Aqua Disco offers dancing fountains accompanied by music and lighting for an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience. The Infinity Pool, Lazy Floats, Baby Pool, Wild River, Activity Pool, Spray Action, My Dive, Twister Racer, Tunnel Deep Dive, Turbolance, Speedway, Rainbow, Upside Down, Sea Voyager, Tower falls, Windstream, Space Rocket, Magicone, Abyss, Challenger, Starship, Happy Waters, and Deep Dive are just a few of the waterpark's other attractions.

  6. More Activities

    The Land of Legends Theme Park offers a variety of additional intriguing activities. The Park's 5D theatre is one of its intriguing features. This activity is held in a specific space with moving chairs and other extremely intriguing visual effects. You could experience wind, rain, fog, lasers, and lights in the theatre. These effects may give you a breathtaking cinematic trip, turning your experience into one you will remember.

  7. Dolphin Show

    The Antalya Land of Legends Park offers a wide range of breathtaking performances and family-friendly activities. Visitors may see an incredible dolphin performance within the Park. You will be able to see and enjoy these lovely marine animals during the dolphin performance. You will also be able to recognize their intelligence and friendliness. There are more dolphin-related activities available for those who are interested. For instance, you may pay extra to snap pictures with dolphins or have a 30-minute swimming session with them.

  8. Visit Beluga Whale Show

    The performances also include a fantastic Beluga Whale Show. The fact that these sea creatures are among the largest ensures that your experience will be one to remember. For an additional fee, the Park provides optional activities that let visitors snap pictures with the notorious beluga whales. Of course, the adorable penguins the Park is home to are another draw. You will be able to see how they act and see where they live. These adorable creatures are the Park's designated far-off visitor starters.

  9. Drop-off Service

    In the late afternoon, the Park's gates shut. After you have spent the day there, a car will take you home. By the time you get to your hotel in Antalya, your wonderful adventure has ended.

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