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Full Description

With a full-day journey across the Taurus Mountains, test your boundaries and see Antalya's countryside. The best trip for individuals looking for a unique vacation is the Antalya Jeep Safari since it has everything you need to fire up your adrenaline and refresh your senses. Off-road driving, dreamy woodland strolls, swimming in a natural lake, and breathtaking waterfall views are available here. With a special full-day journey, you may enjoy the finest of nature while overflowing with sensations and emotions. 

After the tour picks you up from your hotel, your journey starts. You will meet your private guide at the Jeep Safari excursion's starting location, and he or she will be responsible for giving you all the information you need to know about the schedule. The stunning sights that Taurus Maintains has to offer will capture you. 

Additionally, you will glimpse a few little Turkish settlements when the Safari convoy travels through the arid off-road routes. If you adore the outdoors, it is important to note that the Antalya Jeep Safari adventure includes a few stops where you may see nature at its most vibrant and fragrant. With so many trees and flowers, the stunning view makes for a fantastic picture opportunity during stops. 

At 920 meters above sea level, the destination will be Yumaklar Village. Visit a traditional folklore home to have a chance to see how a tiny hamlet lives and discover interesting facts about it. Your exciting journey begins after a short stop at a typical Turkish eatery neighborhood. Enjoy a great lunch of grilled fish or chicken, salad, and seasonal fruits to experience true rural cuisine. 

Like Ucansu Waterfalls, many unknown natural wonders in the Mediterranean area are untouched by tourism. The Jeep convoy will be traveling over dusty roads that may provide the distinctive off-road driving sensation, making the journey there interesting and adventurous. A natural pool where you may swim and unwind is created by Ucansu Waterfall, popularly known as the Flying Waterfall. You will undoubtedly benefit from the force of nature combined with an amazing off-road Jeep safari. You will enjoy the exciting but beautiful trip of the Antalya Jeep Safari for a very long time. 

An excellent full-day vacation is the Antalya Jeep Safari, which includes everything you will need to fire up your adrenaline and refresh your senses. Off-roading through the Taurus Mountains, relaxing woodland strolls, bathing in a natural lake, and breathtaking views of the Ucansu Waterfall are all popular activities here. Enjoy the finest of nature while on an amazing full-day adventure.

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pick-up from Hotel

    In the morning, a driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the location of the excursion's beginning. Your guide will meet you and provide crucial data about the program, after which a meet & greet will occur.

  2. Mountains and Nature

    Once inside the off-road Jeeps, the Antalya Jeep Safari starts. These 44 off-road jeeps are unquestionably the finest way to see the Taurus Mountains' natural beauty. Jeeps can accommodate 8 or 12 people, depending on the size of your company. You can anticipate a fantastic 140-kilometer course packed with feelings, adventures, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

  3. Visit Turkish Village Life

    During the Jeep Safari in Antalya, you will get the chance to travel through little Turkish villages and take in the surrounding landscape. Additionally, the Jeep convoy will halt in the Yumaklar settlement after you have ascended to 920 meters. By visiting a traditional folklore home there, you will get the wonderful chance to see firsthand and discover fascinating details about the way of life of a tiny hamlet. Additionally, you will get to see a mosque and a town in the mountains and observe people dressed traditionally.

  4. Lunch Time

    A typical Turkish restaurant in the area serves as a launch point for the Antalya Jeep Safari adventure. You may learn more about Turkish food and traditional recipes at the launch. With a delightful meal that includes grilled fish or chicken, salad, and fresh fruits, you will experience true rural food. After your launch, take a rest while the tour of the Taurus Mountains continues off-road!

  5. Water Fights

    To increase the degree of your experience, a thrilling safari path is what comes next. Be prepared for major Jeep water bouts along the route as you go through tiny, sandy, and sometimes rainy roads. Until you get to the untainted Ucansu Waterfall, your journey will revolve around an outstanding off-road landscape that winds through mountains, pine forests, and many other road dangers.

  6. Visit Ucansu Waterfall

    When you arrive at Ucansu Waterfall, also known as the Flying waterfall, you will be in awe of the scenery's unending magnificence. It is a well-kept secret that maintains its untainted natural essence. You could be interested in taking some great shots with the waterfall serving as the background. A naturally formed pool is sculpted at the bottom of the waterfall, where you may unwind by swimming in the pure water.

  7. Return Service

    Then, when you make your way through the Taurus Mountains on your way back, you will feel emotionally at peace. Your Jeep Safari adventure in Antalya will provide you with one-of-a-kind, life-changing photos. Your tour is over as soon as you are left off at your hotel.

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Value for money
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Johnny Brightes

United Kingdom

One of the most great trip i have ever been. I highly recommended those service.The views are absolutely amazing. I love the scenery of Taurus Mountain. We book 3 excursions directly whatsapp. This was our last activity and We liked that one more than others!!

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