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Full Description

Embarking on an underwater adventure has never been this straightforward! The Antalya Aquarium Tour serves as your gateway to unveil the mysteries of the deep sea while ensuring an action-packed and enjoyable day. The Antalya Aquarium aspires to add a splash of fun and learning to your holidays, filling your day with amusement, delight, and a wealth of intriguing information.

The expedition is suitable for all age groups, boasting a variety of themed exhibits, educational activities, play areas, and entertainment options where you can let loose and create lasting memories.

Your aquatic journey commences from Belek during the early hours of the day. To ensure a seamless and relaxing experience, we have included a transfer service. All pick-ups and drop-offs are conducted in fully air-conditioned vehicles that will collect you from your hotel or resort in Belek. Our team will then escort you to Antalya, which is approximately a 40-minute ride away.

Upon your arrival at the aquarium, prepare to be both astounded and exhilarated. This is due to the facility's gigantic scale and exceptional design. In fact, it ranks amongst the top ten aquarium parks globally in terms of its size and diversity of exhibits.

From the moment you step inside the aquarium, you'll be given two and a half hours to explore at your own leisure. Truth be told, with the multitude of attractions and exhibits at Antalya Aquarium, you'll hardly notice the time flying by! So, make the most of every moment to discover all that's on offer and create cherished memories with your loved ones.

Spread across 12,000 square meters, the Antalya Aquarium is home to nearly 10,000 fish and other marine creatures. One notable feature is its 40 different thematic aquariums. It even houses the world's largest tunnel aquarium, measuring 131 meters in length and 3 meters in width. Wandering around and examining the various aquariums is an exciting endeavor, blending education and amusement in a single package.

Moreover, the aquarium also hosts several museums and exhibitions. For instance, you can visit the Snow World and the Ice Museum, where you can learn about the various species that inhabit the polar regions. Apart from the exhibits, there's a plethora of activities to partake in. One such attraction is the Oceanride XD cinema, where you can experience a multi-dimensional film simulating a voyage across the world's oceans.

As your exploration time comes to an end, a bus will be waiting outside to transport you back to Belek. The return to your hotel is scheduled for the afternoon. A visit to the Antalya Aquarium is a fantastic option for those seeking to break away from the norm and experience joy while gaining fascinating insights.

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Antalya Aquarium Snow World

Antalya Aquarium XD Sinema

Antalya Aquarium Wild Park

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pick up Service

    Ensuring your utmost comfort, a modern, fully air-conditioned bus will collect you from your accommodation in Belek. Our dedicated team will then transport you on a 40-minute journey to the renowned Antalya Aquarium.

  2. Antalya Aquarium

    Even before stepping inside, you'll be awestruck by the vastness and striking design of the aquarium, which is among the largest globally. The interior is a treasure trove of marine life, boasting 10,000 diverse species housed across 40 distinct thematic aquariums. Thus, brace yourself for an unforgettable deep dive into the mesmerizing underwater world. You'll have a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes to explore at your own pace.

  3. Attractions

    With your allotted time, you can navigate through the 40 thematic aquariums. One of the main highlights is undoubtedly the world's largest tunnel aquarium, an astounding structure measuring 131 meters in length and 3 meters in width. Don't miss the chance to capture some memorable photos as you traverse the stunning and intriguing aquariums. To enhance your experience further, the facility offers numerous interactive and entertaining activities. For instance, you can watch a multidimensional film at the Oceanride XD Cinema. Please note that these activities are not included in the price, and the facility's staff will provide information about the cost.

  4. Family-Friendly

    The Antalya Aquarium excursion from Belek is an excellent choice for families with children. Not only does it provide a fun-filled outing, but it's also an educational experience. The interactive activities and the awe-inspiring design of the aquariums will pique children's curiosity about the underwater world. Moreover, they can gain valuable insights into the importance of preserving marine species and gain a broader understanding of the ecosystem.

  5. Dining Options

    The Antalya Aquarium caters to all your food and beverage needs with an array of restaurants, cafeterias, and bars on-site. Whether you want a quick snack, a full meal, a refreshing drink, or a cup of coffee, you can take a break and refuel at your leisure.

  6. Return Service

    As your visit concludes, the bus will transport you back to Belek. Upon your return to your hotel, you'll be brimming with enthusiasm and joy, having enjoyed a uniquely entertaining and educational experience.

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