Altınbesik Cave Tour from Alanya

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Alanya hosts some of the most impressive natural wonders that the country has. Altinbesik Cave is one of them and exploring the area is an experience not to be missed. The **Altinbesik Cave Tour from Alanya** gives you the opportunity enjoy breath taking panoramic views, to visit some charming villages in the Taurus Mountains, to visit the infamous underground lake, and explore the national park.

This full day excursion begins during the morning. Members of our team will pick you up from your hotel in Alanya. During the road trip, the experienced tour guide will let you know the final details of the schedule.

The program of the tour includes a visit at the Green Canyon. From there, you can enjoy views over the Oymapinari dam from an altitude of 1250 meters. The scenery is ideal for photos and nature lovers will truly appreciate the green backdrop. The tour includes also visits at some picturesque and charming villages located in Taurus Mountains. İbradı, Ormana, and Sarıhacılar are particularly popular as they were the first settlements in Taurus Mountains. The villages have a distinct character as their houses’ architectural style is one of a kind. Their skeletons are made with juniper, cedar, and tar trees, and they are cement-free. These houses are also famous as buttoned houses.

During the tour, another stop takes place at Altınbesik Cave. Altınbesik Cave is Turkey’s first and Europe’s third-largest underground lake cave with a length of 450 meters and a depth of 15 meters. In general, the cave features 20 small lakes and its total length is approximately 50km. You will explore the cave and visit the lake accompanies by the tour guide. Get ready to feel amazed and thrilled by its majestic atmosphere.

After your visit at the Cave, you will have some free time to explore the Altınbesik National Park. The location where the cave is was named as a national park in 1994. It has an exceptional variety of trees and plans. More precisely, there are 605 different plants, of which the 69 are endemic. The park is a popular destination for nature lovers and for eco-tourism.

As this excursion involves a nature exploration, you are advice to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Please note that a lunch break is included in the schedule. By the end of your last stop, the bus will start driving you back at Alanya. The tour finishes during the afternoon, when you arrive back at your hotel in Alanya full of great memories.

Grab the opportunity to explore the breath-taking and majestic landscape of Altınbesik National Park and the infamous cave that has with a full day excursion from Alanya. The Altinbesik Cave tour from Alanya combines a cultural, as well as a nature exploration, and is the ideal option for all travellers. Immerse yourself into the rituals of the countryside, admire Taurus Mountains, and get impressed by the underground lake.

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pick-up Service

    This full day excursion begins during the morning. For your own comfort, a fully air conditioned and modern bus will pick you up from your hotel in Alanya. A professional tour guide will welcome you in the bus and explain to you the final details of the schedule.

  2. Green Canyon

    During this excursion you will visit the Greek Canyon. This imposing location offers views over the Oymapinari dam as it is at an altitude of 1250 meters. The lush greenery and the flawless sense of tranquillity will surely impress you. Do not forget to take some photos during your visit there.

  3. Villages in Taurus Mountains

    The schedule includes also stops at some of the oldest settlements in Taurus Mountains. More specifically, you will visit İbradı, Ormana, and Sarıhacılar villages. The settlements form a popular tourist destination due to their deep rooted traditions and their characteristic architectural style. There, you can walk around and observe the infamous buttoned houses. Their skeletons are made with trees and in fact, they are cement-free.

  4. Altınbesik Cave

    One of the excursion’s most interesting highlights is the visit at Altınbesik Cave. The site forms the largest underground lake cave in the country, and the third largest in the European continent. The underground lake cave itself is 450 meters long and 15 meters deep. However, the cave has 20 small lakes in total as it is 50km long. The tour guide will assist you to explore the area and answer the questions you might have.

  5. Altınbesik National Park

    You will also have some free time to explore the broader area of Altınbesik National Park. The serenity of the setting and the diversity of trees that the forest has, are among the things to excite you. The park hosts 605 different plants and trees, of which 69 are endemic. Do not forget to snap some photos, release the stress, and breathe some pure oxygen.

  6. Drop-back Service

    This full day excursion finishes during the afternoon. By the end of your last stop, the bus will start driving you back to Alanya. When you arrive back at your hotel, you will be full of great memories and positive feelings.

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