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Here at Alanya we have a saying. “Those who haven’t gone to a hamam, haven’t been to Turkey”. We are famous the world over for our luxurious Turkish baths. Since Roman times our baths have given a lease of new life to all those who visit. Perfected by the Selcuk Turks, this bathing ritual is a must for guests wishing to indulge in our best health and wellness treatments. Treat yourself. Feel healthier, look younger and embrace the rest of your holiday with a new lease of life following this truly memorable experience. For those who really want to treat themselves, look no further than the Alanya Turkish Bath experience. 

The atmosphere and ambience of a luxury Turkish bath is one to be experienced. Relax and de-stress from everyday life as you let the aromas and oils take your holiday calmness to a whole new level. From ancient kings and queens, all the way through time, to you and your family, this is truly one of the best forms of relaxation and pleasure. It is also a part of our rich heritage. To take part in a hammam is to sample the joys of our local life that has been practised for centuries. We are sure that for those who have never tried such a treatment before, this will not be your last time. 

We highly recommend that our guests take the Alanya Turkish Bath during their first days. The unique two and a half hour experience combines full body scrub, foam massage and aromatherapy oil massage. The treatment not only aids in clearing pores and dead skin but also has fantastic health qualities. Excellent for blood circulation as well as healing conditions such as coughs and sneezes, a hammam can also increase the length of your holiday sun tan, something which we know is very important to all of us. 

A Turkish bath is a similar experience to a sauna but closer to the Greek and Roman styles. At the hammam you are welcome to use the steam room as well as the on-site sauna. This experience comes with different packages for your pleasure. For those looking for more beauty experiences you can also indulge in facial treatments and expert massages. 

All of your needs are catered for on Alanya Turkish Bath. We will arrange for your transport to collect you from your hotel and comfortably return you feeling refreshed and ready to explore more. Leave the stresses of every day life behind as you unwind in the utmost luxury on this must do Turkish bath experience. No trip to Turkey is complete without trying our very own world famous bathing. Our Hamams are known throughout the world for offering some of the most relaxing, stress relieving as well as health generating treatments. You have worked hard to enjoy this holiday, treat yourself and your family to one of life’s greatest luxuries. Feel revitalised and look younger, once you have experienced Alanya Turkish Bath you will realise why people keep on coming back for more.

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  • Pickup Service
  • Foam Massage
  • Oil Massage
  • Scrubbing
  • Sauna
  • Traditional Towel

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    No matter where you are staying in Alanya, we will arrange for your pick up and return so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our friendly local drivers will be on hand to answer your questions and start this luxury experience off on the right note. Turkish Bath: Also known as a hammam, this fully indulgent 2 and a half hour experience will fully transform your tired and stressed body into a younger, fitter more energised you. As we say “Those who haven’t gone to a hammam, haven’t been to Turkey”. We are sure that once you have tried your first Turkish bath, it won’t be long until you are back for more.

  2. Traditional Sauna

    This treatment became popular throughout Europe during the Victorian times. Our Turkish saunas are closely related to Roman and Greek saunas. Once the steam enters the pores of your skin you will instantly feel the cleansing effect overtake your body. Relax, this is just the beginning.

  3. Hamam & Foam Massage and Scrubbing

    As you lie back and embrace the luxurious surroundings you will enjoy a complete scrub massage with amazing rejuvenation qualities. You are now experiencing Turkey the way it has been experienced for centuries. After scrub your Foam massage directly start with our tradational soap and equipments. Our masseuses will be on hand to expertly administer age old techniques to rid your skin and body of the dirt and stress of the outside world. Unwind as centuries of tried and tested methods work their magic over your whole body. Don’t forget, this is not just about cleanliness but also wellness. The healing properties of such techniques are plentiful. From preventing rheumatism to curing the common coughs and colds.

  4. Oil Massage ( 20 Min. )

    After your short break our aroma therapy massage with special oil starts about 20 minutes. We will do full body massage upon request you can ask longer massage prices as well.

  5. Return service

    Once Alanya Turkish Bath treatment is over, your local driver will be waiting to take you back to your hotel in Alanya. You will no doubt be energised to go out and explore more of this beautiful area and now you will be feeling fantastic and looking even better. What a way to start your holiday of a lifetime here in Turkey.

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