Alanya Quad ATV Safari

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Full Description

Are you someone who enjoys a good adrenaline rush and wants to discover the Taurus mountain range? Are you interested in going places that other cars can't, as well as having the ability to go farther distances? Those who want excitement and a good time will find our Alanya Quad tour to be just the thing. Do not be concerned; previous experience is not required. You just need the desire to discover new things and a spirit of exploration and adventure. Come and ride your horses across the southern region of Turkey that has the greatest moving mud and dust mass. Bring your loved ones and your close companions. This experience is fun for everyone who is at least 16 years old and is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

When one of our helpful local drivers picks you up from your hotel in Alanya, the beginning of your journey will officially begin. You are going to be transported to our Alanya ATV quad safari center, which is where you are going to meet your guides and instructors. You will do several practice laps on your quad after a quick safety overview, and this is how you will get familiar with your all-terrain vehicle. After receiving personalized lessons from a member of our knowledgeable staff on how to operate the vehicles, each rider will be free to get right into the action and have a good time. 

The pine trees that are found across the Taurus Mountains provide the ideal terrain for us to explore on our quads. As you make your way through the rocks, trees, and trails, you will be surrounded by pristine nature, which ensures that you will have spectacular views and vistas. We will go around 50 kilometers using cars, which will take approximately three hours and fifty minutes. Do not be concerned; previous experience is not required in any capacity. Because each of the quads is entirely autonomous and extremely simple to operate, this adventure is sure to be a good time for everyone who participates in it. 

We have tough routes and challenges to keep you fresh, and one of those obstacles is a fun new water crossing. These specific trails are designed to test your abilities and keep you sharp. Who among you is the best driver in your group? Let us find out. 

We will have guides on hand to show you the way through the woods and the mountains, and all of our gear is maintained to the best possible quality, so that you may have a good time while remaining safe. To provide yourself with additional defense against the sun, it is recommended that you wear long trousers and a shirt, as well as carry sunglasses and a hat with you. Please take notice that slip-on shoes, singlets, and thongs are not allowed at this venue. On the trail, it can get rather dusty, so bringing an extra set of clothes to change into after the ride is often a good idea. 

The quad experience offered by our company is also an excellent solution for use in the context of team building and business events. A guaranteed source of excitement, joy, and laughter, as well as lasting memories. 

As you speed through the pine trees that cover the Taurus Mountains, turn up the power and enjoy the rush of the wind in your hair. As you race across the river crossings and through our intricately planned course, be sure that your competitors do not go too far ahead of you. This speed and adrenaline rush that lasts for two and a half hours is a terrific opportunity to discover the gorgeous countryside that is located just outside of Alanya. You do not need any prior expertise since our knowledgeable staff will walk you through all you need to know to get the most out of your ATV quad. Our package consists of all transports to and from the quad course, complete instructions and training on how to operate the quads, and a course that was specifically developed to test your driving abilities.

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  • Transfer
  • Helmet
  • Insurance
  • Guide Service

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    The pickup will consist of our quad mini bus picking you up from your accommodation and transporting you into the Taurus highlands, where you will meet your quad instructors. Our staff has received extensive training and is equipped with all of the necessary tools to guide even the most inexperienced user through the process of having fun with these unique devices. Make sure you put on some long trousers and a t-shirt before you go. Please refrain from wearing slip-on shoes, singlets, or thongs. You should also bring more sunblock and a change of clothing since it is likely that you may become soiled throughout the activity.

  2. Test Drive and Training

    Following a lecture on safety, our knowledgeable staff will be available to provide instructions on how to operate the quads. Because each quad is autonomous, it is quite simple to take charge of them, which ensures that you will have the greatest fun possible throughout your time spent with us. Do not be concerned, please. There is no need for any prior experience. However, everyone who takes part has to be at least 16 years old.

  3. Safari ride begins

    Make sure you have your crash helmets on because here is where the excitement starts. You have 30 kilometers of a quad safari route that has been specifically developed for you ahead of you. We have designed the course in such a way that it will put your technical abilities to the test and provide you and your friends with plenty of opportunities to engage in activities that will give you a rush of excitement. This rocky and uneven off-road course ensures that everyone will have a good time. Whoever in your group is the most competitive driver should take the wheel first.

  4. Cleaning Time

    It does not matter what kind of weather there is, we know that by the time you leave the course, you will be dirtier than when you first came. After completing our 30-kilometer trek, we are going to reward ourselves with some well-deserved refreshments and then give ourselves a thorough cleaning. Before beginning the trek back to Alanya, it is very recommended that you carry along an extra outfit that you can change into.

  5. Return Service

    Once we have finished cleaning up and rejuvenating, our drivers will be waiting in the parking lot to transport everyone back to their hotels in Alanya.

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Value for money
Brilliant Day out!

Carl S

Southampton , UK

Absolutely brilliant day out, so much fun, well organised and such an adrenaline rush. It’s that good we’ve booked again tomorrow. Maybe we book next week again.

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