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Would you want to fly like an eagle high over the village of Alanya? Do you long to see sights that humans just can not reach? Are you seeking a thrilling and adrenaline-filled adventure that will make your friends and family back home green with envy? There is no need to look any farther than this incredible paragliding adventure in Alanya that will take you high above the city. You will begin your journey atop the breathtaking Yassi Tempe hill, and then you will glide leisurely down to the Cleopatra beach below. It is impossible to give vista justice with words. For you to believe it, you will need to go through this yourself. 

The Alanya Paragliding trip is a terrific opportunity to observe the surrounding environment in natural quiet and is perfect for those who are seeking an exciting new experience. When you run into the winds at the side of the Taurus mountains, you will begin this kind of flight that does not include a motor. You will gently float towards the turquoise seas and immaculate sand of our world-famous Cleopatra beach as your parachute is carried over 500 meters aloft by the warm currents. You will be accompanied by one of our skilled pilots, and they will do all of the work while you just relax and take in the breathtaking landscape. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Flying in this manner is referred to as tandem flying, and it is the calmest method to take to the skies. Our pilots will also serve in the capacity of tour guides, providing commentary on points of interest along the route. This takes the concept of sightseeing to a whole new level. You are free to book a flight at any moment before 4'o clock in the afternoon. Everyone who weighs between 25 and 120 kg is welcome to join and take part in the event. Our drivers will come and pick you up from your hotel and transport you up to the launch point, which is around a 30-minute drive from the town center and is in itself an experience filled with off-road excitement. 

The sport of paragliding in Alanya carries no risk whatsoever. We employ only fully qualified pilots and safety crew members, and we equip them with the most cutting-edge, high-tech equipment available. A comprehensive safety briefing and an introduction to the operation of the paraglider will be provided to you before your flight so that you are well prepared. During this once-in-a-lifetime flight over our stunning countryside and coastline, we want you to feel as relaxed as possible so you can get the most out of the experience. During this 25-minute encounter, you will feel as free as a bird, and it will leave all of your friends and family back at home green with envy. As a precaution against the scorching sun, be sure to bring along your shades, some loose-fitting clothes, and, of course, a bottle of water. 

You have completed the hiking routes had fun in the jeep, and participated in a variety of other land-based activities. Now is the perfect moment to capture the most breathtaking panorama of our rural area. With our Alanya Paragliding trip, you may soar like an eagle, leaving the solid ground behind, and fly into our pure blue sky as you take part in this incredible tandem paragliding adventure 800 meters above the surface of the earth.

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Yes, paragliding in Alanya is generally safe when done with a licensed and experienced pilot, and with proper safety equipment. However, as with any adventure sport, there is always a certain level of risk involved. It's important to follow the safety guidelines provided by the paragliding company, listen to your pilot's instructions, and communicate any concerns or questions you may have before the flight.

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Nicole Mainprize


It was amazing!!! This has never been done before and now I can't stop my excitement. Truly, one of the best things I have done in my life!!! I got back to the hotel a few hours ago and I'm still full of adrenaline. The flight was awesome. It is smooth and the instructor makes it look easy, but in real life it is not. The man flying with me was handsome. I was impressed with their level of professionalism. As I flew, I could see the beautiful cleopatra beach and castle below. So peaceful and everything is amazing from up there. The landing is also good. Confirmed!!!

Recommended for all excursions

Gemma Freer

United Kingdom

I planned a surprise trip for Alanya Paragliding and found this website online. They are really the best, especially the manager Bilal. Not only did he make a financial plan for the day, but he gave other tips to make my entire trip easy and hassle-free. I strongly recommend that you book all tours in Alanya through Tour Moni.

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