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Alanya Green Canyon Cabrio Safari

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Full Description

This trip is for you if you want to see the beautiful countryside around Alanya. You will be driven over winding dirt roads in between valleys, up mountains, and down canyons, as we cross this area and explore the magnificent Taurus mountains. Before seeing the magnificent green canyon, we will stop at a tiny neighborhood zoo where you may touch some animals. The river Manavgat was dammed here, resulting in the formation of this lake. With swimming and boat rides available, it is a good spot to get away from it all. So join us as we tour our area in this amazing fashion. We will come from your hotel in Alanya and pick you up in one of our opulent jeeps. The sole means of transportation across the countryside are these cars. They can go on unpaved roads, climb mountainsides, and descend steep slopes. They provide unmatched access to farms and small towns, and the finest views as we go across the region are from your vantage point in the upper seats.

You will like our first visit on today's trip if you are an animal or nature enthusiast. You may learn more about the many species found here and visit some of our more interesting creatures at a small, nearby petting zoo. Your tour guide will go through all of the various creatures and some of their peculiar behaviors.

Our journey across the countryside will continue after our little stop at the zoo. We make a pit stop at an orchard to sample some fresh fruit; this is the only way to experience fruit straight from the tree. Then we go on with our safari, constantly passing through Turkey's most gorgeous scenery.

The green canyon is where we are going, of course. This artificial lake is a result of the Oymapinar dam, Turkey's fifth-largest dam, constructed in 1984. Once we get to the lake, you may go swimming and engage in various water sports, including canoeing, water skiing, and catamaran riding. The price of the excursion includes lunch. We will take a seat at a neighborhood café near the lake and unwind.

This all-day tour, which returns to Alanya at about 5 o'clock, is a great chance to visit parts of Turkey that you may not otherwise see.

The Alanya Green Canyon Cabrio Safari Tour is an additional full-day tour that includes everything you need to fire up your adrenaline and refresh your senses. Driving off-road through the Taurus Mountains, enjoying long strolls through the forest, bathing in natural ponds, and soaking in Alanya's stunning vistas. Enjoy the finest of nature while on an unforgettable full-day adventure.

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Personal Expenses

Zoo Entrance

Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    At approximately 9 a.m., our amiable jeep driver will pick you up from your accommodation and start the safari.

  2. Cabrio Bus

    The neighborhood jeep is the vehicle of choice nowadays. Since our drivers are familiar with both paved and dirt roads, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey. Compared to a regular vehicle or bus, the jeeps are incredibly comfortable and ensure that you have a far better perspective. Additionally, these are the only kind of vehicles that can navigate the treacherous Taurus mountain terrain.

  3. Visit Village Zoo

    The local zoo is our first trip. With this change, you can not get as near several Turkish animals in the wild as you can. Excellent picture possibilities, and your guide will provide information on each species. For animal lovers, this is a very unusual place to visit.

  4. Cabrio inside Forest

    This tour takes you on an exciting journey through the Taurus Mountains' olive groves, farms, and orchards. You will experience the wind in your hair as you climb and descend between valleys as our driver takes you at a high pace through the gravel roads. As we make our way to the Green Canyon, we will make a pit stop at a nearby orchard and sample some just-picked fruit.

  5. Green Canyon 1-Hour Boat Trip

    The green canyon was created when the Oymapinar dam blocked the Manavgat river. The dam, constructed between 1977 and 1984, contributes to the generation of 3% of Turkey's power today. Perhaps the canyon is more recognized for the wide variety of water sports on its surface. You will want to jump into the refreshing water as soon as we reach the canyon. You may enjoy a quiet catamaran sail, water skiing, leisurely swim, or even rent a canoe and start exploring. This is heaven on the ocean. The canyon also offers fishing opportunities for those who are interested. Before leaving, we will participate in a few additional water activities after lunch at a nearby restaurant.

  6. Return Hotel

    The Monster Bus ride home is equally as enjoyable as the trip to the canyon. We return to Alanya at 5:00 p.m. You will have taken some beautiful sites and dipped them in one of Turkey's top watering holes.

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