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Full Description

Want to see dolphins and discover some interesting information about them? While on holiday in Alanya, you are invited to this highly thrilling activity, which is a dolphin performance. Visit a cutting-edge dolphin park, learn some fascinating facts, and enjoy a few hours of pure bliss. This trip is perfect for anybody looking to participate in a unique and enjoyable activity and for families looking for a kid-friendly activity. 

Dolphin Show in Alanya available everyday with pickup transfer. We will send you pickup time and details after your reservation. You will be transported in a minivan to the dolphin park, about 20 kilometers from Alanya's downtown. 

The building's size and layout will astound you when you get there. You will have some time to look at the park and get to know the marine life it is home to during the first portion of your tour. The highly qualified, multilingual staff will be on hand to respond to your inquiries and lead you around the many hallways and chambers, where you can see a selection of interesting species and learn crucial details. 

At a pool that has been particularly created, the performance is held. Dolphins will perform throughout their shows, showcasing their dancing, swimming, acting, and playing with loops and ball capabilities. So anticipate being happy and experiencing a wide range of nice feelings. 

You will spend over an hour watching the adorable and perceptive button-nose dolphins throughout the performance. These dolphins are between 10 and 12 years old and weigh between 200 and 250 kg apiece. The dolphins housed at the facility are in excellent health and are given the necessary care by a group of professionals. 

The fact that it is family-friendly is what differentiates this show. In actuality, dolphins are quite friendly with people, particularly kids. They like playing a lot and are open to interacting with others. As a result, your kids will enjoy watching the show and watching the dolphins play with their toys. After the one-hour performance, viewers can pay extra to swim alongside them. 

After the performance, a vehicle will be waiting for you outside to take you home. When you return to your Alanya lodging, your joyous experience ends. The Alanya dolphin show will undoubtedly boost your holidays. 

Want to take a break from exploring? You will find what you are seeking at our dolphin show in Alanya. You can anticipate a lot of smiles, fun, and excitement when you sign up for this trip. Visit the cutting-edge dolphin park, discover the various species kept there, pick up some knowledge, and take in an hour-long magnificent dolphin performance. This trip is ideal for everyone since it ensures pleasure and memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • Pickup Service
  • 1-Hour Dolphin Show
  • Insurance
  • Entrance Fee

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Photos & Videos

Swim with the Dolphins

Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup Service

    This tour starts in the morning, and it is possible to visit the dolphin park every day. Services for transport to and from your hotel are included in the cost. You will travel 20 kilometers from Alanya's downtown in a nice automobile from your hotel to the dolphin park.

  2. Dolphin Park

    The dolphin park in Alanya is among the greatest and biggest of its type and is home to many marine species. You will be awed by the cutting-edge equipment and technology as you go through the rooms, halls, and passages. Take your time to stroll around the park and see everything it has to offer while picking up some fascinating facts about the dolphins, sea lions, seals, and other marine animals housed there.

  3. 1-Hour Show

    The show takes place in a large pool that was made just for the dolphins. You may see these beautiful and intelligent dolphins play with toys and balls, leap through loops, and undertake various activities for around an hour throughout the presentation. Qualified trainers oversee the performance, and viewers may anticipate a memorable experience.

  4. Optional Extra Service

    The dolphin display lasts for about an hour. After the performance, you may go into the water and swim with the dolphins. Please be aware that this activity has an additional fee. Please contact with us for swimming with dolphins.

  5. Return Service

    This amazing and very enjoyable visit ends in the late afternoon. After the performance, a van will be ready to take you back to your hotel in Alanya. You will experience pleasant feelings and create enduring memories from the dolphin performance.

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