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Full Description

Spend two days seeing Cappadocia and let the stunning pictures from this trip capture you. The Side Cappadocia Tour is appropriate for those looking for a two-day tour. With this trip, you may enjoy amazing natural beauty, Turkish cuisine, history, culture, and a hot air balloon ride, among other things. Prepare yourself for a fun and insightful journey! 

Our driver and guide will take you up from your hotel when the Side Cappadocia Tour begins. You will ride on a cutting-edge, luxurious, air-conditioned bus for almost two hours. When the bus reaches Seydişehir, a halt will be made so that you may take a break and have breakfast. The journey continues with Saratl Krkgöz Underground City being the next stop. It is close to Aksaray in the Cappadocia area. The early Byzantine era was when Saratl Krkgöz Underground City first appeared. You can visit a spectacular historic underground city with tunnels, storage facilities, water wells, kitchens, and stables. Learn about the region's past at this stop and what the tour guide says about this underground metropolis. 

After lunch at Avanos, the journey continues in the Cappadocia area. Lunch will be served in a nearby restaurant where you may indulge in the buffet's extensive selection without restrictions. You will next take two stops at Hayal Valley and Monks Valley, feeling energized and at ease. Both valleys are filled with towers or cones of soft volcanic rock, creating an amazing and beautiful environment. Take advantage of the chance to get beautiful pictures while admiring the valleys' beauty. 

The Church of John the Baptist is situated in the hamlet of Çavuşin on the Side Cappadocia Tour, which continues after this stop. Because there are dwellings cut into the rocks, this town is a must-visit destination for tourists. The village's settlements date back to the first century BC. Once again, your guide will give a thorough description of this specific architectural style and the history of the location. 

One of the area's first and biggest Christian churches is the Church of John the Baptist. You will have the chance to learn some important facts regarding the church's lengthy history. On the second day of this journey, the following two sites are Love Valley and Göreme Village. You can snap some photos there and soak in the natural beauty of the Turkish countryside. In the afternoon, you will go to your hotel in Urgup. 

You may set up and relax in your room until dinnertime, sweetly worn out but full of fresh pictures. The hotel restaurant offers a wide variety of selections for dinner, which is served buffet-style. You may use the time after supper as you choose. There are several locations where you may take in traditional Turkish dances, belly dances, and musical performances for people who wish to learn more about the city of Ürgüp and its way of life. Tourists may rest in the hotel's spacious, orderly, and comfortable accommodations after a long day of sightseeing. 

A 4:30 a.m. early wake-up service will be offered to Side Cappadocia Tour participants and others who want to enjoy the balloon tour for a cost. Your tour guide will transport you in a bus to the balloons' departure location, where this unique trip starts. You will go to the hotel for breakfast after the balloon trip lasts two hours. A breakfast buffet with beverages in the hotel restaurant will be available for one hour. The second day of your journey starts with you bursting with energy and eager to explore! 

Two brief picture stops will be taken at Güvercinlik Valley and Üç Güzeller, two of Cappadocia's most well-known sites. Goreme Open Air Museum is the next stop on your journey. It is a long-established community composed of rocks. It was the site of a significant monastic life during early Christian history. The village has churches, dining halls, warehouses, and rooms cut out of the rocks. Of course, the architecture and beauty of this location will attract you. 

Üçhisar Castle will be a further stop. The castle, a fortified defensive structure, features two sizable chimneys next to one other. Get the opportunity to explore the castle and get some beautiful pictures of this interesting and historic location. After ascending to the peak, you can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Cappadocia. This is your last stop in Cappadocia, so keep them in mind. After a little break, lunch will be provided in Konya at Resin Han, which functioned as a caravanserai for traders during the Seljuk era. During lunch, you will get the opportunity to try some of the local dishes. The renowned Konya's meat bread is one among them. 

Two stops on your trip are made at a pottery studio and a facility for processing Anatolian stones. You will be able to see some beautiful handmade products there. You may purchase wonderful souvenirs to bring home and always remember your trip. After that, you will continue your journey home after your two-day trip filled with memories. The bus will drop you off at your hotel in the afternoon. 

Enroll in this 2-day journey to learn more about Cappadocia. Visit historical sites, take in the beauty of Turkish architecture, discover Turkish customs and traditions, watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon, and unwind in a luxury hotel. You will remember and love your stay in Cappadocia for a very long time.

Inclusive Of

  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Guide ( English and German )
  • Full Insurance

Not Inclusive Of

Hot Air Balloon


Personal Expenses

Entrance Fee

Tour Itinerary

  1. Pickup from Hotel and Breakfast

    Early in the morning, a driver will pick you up from your hotel to start your trip. Breakfast will be given at a stop in Seydişehir after the two-hour trip.

  2. Our Professional Guide and Bus

    Your 2-day Side Cappadocia Tour will take place on a brand-new, cozy, and completely air-conditioned bus. Your ride will be safe and pleasurable, thanks to the bus's compliance with all safety rules. You will have a knowledgeable, qualified guide with you. He will provide comprehensive information on the locations and sites you should visit throughout your trip. The tour will also provide some details on Turkish culture and rural life. Turkish, Russian, English, and German are all widely used.

  3. Visit Saratli Kırkgoz Underground City

    In the famous Saratli Kırkgöz Underground City, you will have a respite. This tourist spot is situated close to the province of Aksaray in the Cappadocia area. This area has a lengthy history, having been there since the early Byzantine era. You may explore the tuners, warehouses, barns, kitchens, and water wells as the guide explain the history of this Underground City.

  4. Lunch Time

    For an extra cost, you may travel to the Avanos area and enjoy lunch there. There will be an unlimited buffet offered for lunch at a nearby restaurant.

  5. Visit Cappadocia Valleys

    After a delicious lunch, your trip will continue by bus. Two beaks will soon be arriving. Both stops will be at the Valley of the Monks and the Valley of Dreams. Both valleys are stunning in every way! The soft volcanic materials that create cones or towers will be visible. You will be awed by these beautiful Valleys, no doubt.

  6. Visit Cavusin Rock Town & St. John Church

    We stop at the hamlet of avuşin as we continue our spectacular tour of the Cappadocia area. The Church of John the Baptist is one of them. The village's settlements built into the rocks make it a popular tourist destination. In the first century BC, several villages were constructed. Once again, your guide will be in charge of giving a thorough description of this specific architectural style as well as the background of the place. Additionally, you will get to go to the John the Baptist Church. As one of the area's first and biggest Christian churches, this church has a lengthy history.

  7. Visit Cappadocia Panoramic View

    Your subsequent destinations will be Love Valley and Göreme Village. You may take a break and capture panoramic images of the breathtaking natural beauty of the Turkish countryside.

  8. Arrive to the Hotel and Dinner

    In the afternoon, you will go to your accommodation in Urgup. The TR Ministry of Tourism has classified this hotel as exceptional. Because of its distinctive architectural style, it has a distinctive personality. In actuality, local natural stones were used in the construction of this hotel. Once check-in and after you have been settled into your rooms, Dinner will be served at 19:00. The hotel restaurant will serve dinner, which will include an extensive buffet with an endless supply of options.

  9. Turkish Night ( Extra Service )

    You are free to occupy yourself as you choose after supper. For an extra cost, your guide will join you on a typical Turkish night if you are still seeking adventure and discovery in the city. Traditional music, belly dances, and dances are part of a typical Turkish night. Enjoy a fun and enjoyable evening.

  10. Hot Air Balloon ( Extra Service )

    You may take a hot air balloon trip in Cappadocia for an extra cost if you wish to partake in a memorable experience. You will rise early in the morning if you wish to take part. You will be accompanied by your guide to the balloon's launch site. The hot air balloon tour complies with all Civil Aviation Directorate safety standards. Approximately an hour long, your balloon tour includes a breathtaking sunrise view. You will get a certificate of attendance to keep a permanent record of this incredible experience.

  11. Breakfast and Departure from Hotel

    The Side Cappadocia Tour's second day begins with breakfast at the hotel. For one hour, a breakfast buffet with drinks will be available. There is a lot of excitement throughout the day as guests leave the hotel. Pottery Workshop: You will visit a ceramic studio as part of your trip. Amazing handmade things will be available for you to see, and the owner will walk you through the process step by step. You may purchase wonderful souvenirs to bring home and always remember your trip.

  12. Last Panorama Trip

    Two brief picture stops will be made in the well-known Güvercinlik Valley and Üç Güzeller in Cappadocia. The setting is perfect for taking panoramic pictures. Anatolian Stones Workshop: The Anatolian stone processing facility will be your next stop. You may learn intriguing details about these well-known stones and how they are produced there. Additionally, you may purchase custom-made trinkets. Castle Uçhisar: At the Üçhisar Castle

  13. Return Service

    We will drive to back to Side area. We stop few times on the road for a short break. Our driver and guides will drop you off your hotels or accommodations.

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